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Jun 13, 2013 02:46 PM

Is truly different even out there anymore?

Hi fellow Chowhounds,

I am disillusioned. I eat out every night and it always seems to be the same menu, no matter where I go. I have had Creative American, Italian, NE Seafood, high end sushi and several other Asian types, barbecue, Indian, etc, all in the past two weeks, and at this point I can only eat a bite without getting bored. Is anyone truly doing anything creative out there anymore??? I would love and appreciate suggestions of unusual ethnic food or other creative things going on that I may not have heard of yet. Otherwise I may have to start my own restaurant, and believe me, we don't want that to happen... Thanks Chowhounds!!!

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  1. What's your definition of "creative" and "different". ???

    1. Can you tell where you ate for the last two weeks? What is "creative and different" to one maybe boring to another. Why waste time with us possibly recommending the 14 places you went to recently?

      1. If all of the restaurants bore you, perhaps it's time to stop eating out every night. You don't need to start your own restaurant, but you might possibly be better pleased if you started cooking for yourself.

        1. When I think "really creative/different" mid-priced restnts, I think of 3 places:
          East by Northeast
          Strip T's

          All 3 have menus with dishes that you are(mostly) just not going to see elsewhere. Unique spices, sauces, condiments, components, combinations.

          OYa is also in that group but is dramatically more expensive.
          Clio, also $$$$, likes to flaunt the unusual components but their food has shattered our excitement every time we've gone.

          1. I sense this is a serious existential crisis in the making. Because after you find the next, truly creative thing and indulge, then what? After you have had the next foam, water and air, then what?

            What is for lack of a better term your "comfort food" ? Are you able to return to it for solace after indulging in the heights of cuisine?

            Or you could avoid all of this hand-wringing and go to Strip T's every night. ;)

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            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              To put things in a different perspective.

              Go to Walmart and buy a package of ramen noodles. Ten or twelve packages for about $1.25. Eat only these for the next week. You cannot add anything except water and the flavor packet. Drink only water.

              Go to a greasy spoon diner and order fried eggs, bacon, hash browns. Milk to drink.

              You will be amazed at the explosion of flavors.

              1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                Well said. Also was gonna suggest try cooking at home. Best place to experiment is in the kitchen.