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Jun 13, 2013 02:39 PM

A Bread Affair buys La Baguette

So, on a more local acquisition note.... The above heading spells it out.

Word is that they will transition the La B brand to the A Bread Affair brand and will be doing some milling of local flour.
The old La Baguette space on Granville Island has issues that need to be addressed so not sure when all this will take place but for those who are A Bread Affair fans they should be in the market sooner than later.

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  1. I don't suppose this will lead to them scrapping their stupid bread names? No, probably not. :-P

      1. re: flowbee

        ABF has had plans to move onto GI for a while now.

        Agree about the meh factor.

        1. re: Anne M

          Yep, seems to be the general consensus ....although if I recall Sam, you were pretty excited a while ago when you first heard about them possibly coming to G.I.
          What's taken the bloom off your rose ;) ?

          1. re: eatrustic

            When they first started out ABF had some product worth the chewing, Staff were upbeat and the business model worth following.

            Since the location shift out in Langley some of the wind seems to have left their sails-I'm Happy to see they are staying in the game but given their performance over the past 2 years I'm not holding my breath waiting for an epiphany.

            I've always been cynical about the La Baguette operation-the potential was always there but......I just don't see ABF doing any better.

          1. La Baguette only sold the retail store, the two brands are not affiliated.
            However, A Bread Affair took over all the la Baguette staff and just recently got rid of them in a pretty nasty way. They may be "great in bread" but they are awful employers.

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            1. re: EmeraldMac

              I've heard something about the employees of la baguette getting fired but do you know what happened?

              1. re: Carblover

                It's a bit complicated.
                Fired isn't really the right word, since they were still employed by LaBaguette until the end of July, while working at A Bread Affair. But A Bread Affair didn't tell them that they were not going to hire them, until the day their employment had actually ended.
                So they could get rid of them overnight without 2 weeks notice.
                They even had put the LaBaguette people on the schedule for the following week, so they really had no idea this was going to happen.

                Easy way out for ABA, but decency would have called for talking to the people that are working for you. At least in my opinion.

                1. re: EmeraldMac

                  Based on this, I don't plan on giving patronage to ABA.