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Jun 13, 2013 02:11 PM

Which of these restaurants are most recommended around Great Barrington?

My sister is living in Great Barrington and we'll be visiting for a couple of days; driving up from Manhattan after a few nights at the Mohonk in the Hudson Valley.

I've always wanted to eat and/or stay at The Blantyre and Weatleigh in Lenox so I would love to get some up-to-date opinions on dining at both... and which is preferred if we only have the possibility of a single dinner?

What about the following:

The Old Mill in South Egremont (looks great - can anyone confirm?)

John Andrews - I've read mixed reviews in the past and nothing in several years; is this one still up to par or should it be scratched from the list?

Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough - also lookgs great, has anyone dined recently?

Chez Nous in Lee... any feedback or opinions on this restaurant?

And lastly The Swiss Hutte in Hillsdale.

I'm almost certain that we'll either find ourselves at The Blantyre, Weatleigh or Old Mill from what I've been able to research online, but would still value any recent experience with the places above.


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  1. Out of your list I would choose either John Andrews or Old Inn on the Green. I would personally make the trek up to Mezze in Williamstown.

    1. definitely the old inn on the green. really excellent food, and in a very romantic/cool setting (only candlelights throughout).

      1. I vote with Lenox 637
        What he said....

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          Thanks everyone, Old Inn on the Green it is!

        2. I recommend the Old Mill and the Old Inn on the Green. Although the setting of the latter is more unique, the food at the former I think is more consistently good. Have not been to John Andrews in a couple of years because we did not like it as much as the others. Never tried the Swiss Hutte, but think that Chez Nous is overrated and my several experiences there do not justify the very good reviews. I recommend, instead, Cafe Adam (although I have not eaten at their new location) or Bell and Anchor. And while I've been iffy on Allium, it apparently has a new chef and has been receiving good reviews. I think the bar and bar food at Fiori across the street is very good; ask Jesse to mix you a unique cocktail. Finally, recommend the Stagecoach Inn for great setting and good food.

          1. Blantyre/wheatleigh are at another level of price and formality. Of the others i think old inn on the green is by far the best.

            Chez nous and John Andrews are both good, John Andrews has a nicer country setting, chez nous a tad more casual but I think the food is slightly better.

            Old mill is mediocre in my opinion.

            Agree with cafe Adam as another good option, they're open for lunch too. New location same food as the old, I actually liked the old space better, found the new one a bit gloomy.

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            1. re: nfnebwiri

              Thanks for all of the replies everyone!

              I realize that Blantyre and Weatleigh are on a different level, but do you feel the meals served at either would be deserving of the higher cost and formality for a special ocassion dining experience? I've been to a few Relais and Chateaux restaurants which really excelled and hit all the marks, and others which felt as though the kitchen was trying too hard and never quite delivered. While I do prefer the more quaint and casual settings of the other Berkshire restaurants mentioned above, I'm curious as to whether Blantyre and Weatleigh are worthwhile or just self-important, overly fussy and expensive and whether the kitchens deliver a good value overall?

              Btw, how is the food at Red Lion Inn?

              I've stayed a couple times while visiting my sister but never ate at the hotel. Any suggestions for a really great farm fresh style breakfast in Stockbridge or relatively nearby?


              1. re: OliverB

                The food at the red lion is awful.

                I like Wheatleigh for that sort of restaurant but it is not like being in the Berkshires. For breakfast, Spoon in lenox

                  1. re: OliverB

                    We really like haven for breakfast. It's in Lenox (with another one in great barrington).

                    We've eaten at Blantyre (not wheatleighs) and think that the food/atmosphere at the old inn on the green is better.

                1. re: OliverB

                  Came to this thread late -- wondered where you wound up eating and what your experiences were like. fwiw, we ate at The Wheatleigh a number of years ago, and had an amazing meal. everything was delicious, and the service was impeccable. While it was not cheap, I thought the prices were in line with the experience and the food. But that was probably 8 years ago, so things may have changed. We also ate at the Old Inn on the Green about 2 years ago, and it was a unique meal - - - very good food, in a wonderful setting.

                  1. re: bauskern

                    Recently ate on the Old Inn on the Green and find it to be the best restaurant in the Berkshires