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Jun 13, 2013 12:25 PM

Reno restaurants ???

Anything good for a a few days there.

I haven't been in years.

And I would presume the food would not even tip the iceberg of a even one city block in Vegas, but anyhow if there is anything good, please do let me know.

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  1. It helps if you give a clue what you like.
    I've posted on here about great meals I've had at LaVecchia, an Italian restaurant, and Momija Ramen, a new Ramen place.
    Campo is getting national attention.
    It's popular and you need reservations. Beaujolais Bistro is also good but they were moving. I don't know their status. Fourth Street Bistro is excellent.
    For Chinese food, 168 Cafe and 101 Taiwanese Cafe both have authentic Chinese food. Thai Basil, Bangkok Cuisine and Thai Chili all have good Thai food.
    The actor Patrick Stewart ate at Old Granite Street Eatery and liked it so much he praised it on Twitter.
    If you're here on a Sunday morning, the brunch at Sterlings is killer.

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      Meant to mention that Campo's patio, overlooking the river, doesn't take reservations; first come first served. And they also have communal table inside that where I don't believe res are taken. Not sure about this one though.

    2. There's tons that's good. Start with reading this and what Steve mentioned and then perhaps come back with some specific types of food.