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Jun 2, 2003 07:52 AM

Thai in Houston

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Can anyone give me some recommendations on the best Thai rest. in Houston?

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  1. For soups I really like Kanomwan even if it seems the sodium content might be a little higher than it used to be. Kanomwan also has a good basil chicken dish and chicken cashew dish. The fish dishes on the back of the menu are good but a little on the small side. I would avoid pad thai here and go for these dishes.

    For good bbq and curry dishes Taste of Thailand on Gray near Pierce elevated is very good. Soups aren't as good as Kanomwan but thay aren't bad either.

    Thai cottage has very good curry dishes but ask for them hot because it is kind of wussified in the heat scale. If I were to order Pad Thai this is the place I would, it is very good. Thai cottage has 3 location, one in Belaire another in Greenway and one in Sugar Land.

    1. Don't forget Blue Orchid out on Memorial. Half Thai/half Vietnamese.

      But Kanomwan also very good. Oscar the Grouch warms up if he gets to know you; last time he was half-civil to me, which leads me to guess he's just faking the gruff routine. They give you "chicken soup" to start, but it's more like a savory chicken porridge.

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        "Oscar" died over a year ago. His daughter runs the place now. No difference in the quality.

      2. I would echo those 2 previous posts. I'm not that enthused about Thai Cottage, though. And I've eaten there about 20 times.

        Here is my humble recommendation: go to one of the two Thai Racha locations on the west side. One is in an old hamburger restaurant on Longpoint, right off North Gessner, about a mile north of I-10 (near the Korean restaurants). The other is on Dairy Ashford, just south of I-10 in a strip center, next to Lynn's steakhouse. Neither are open on Sundays, I think.

        The owner, Paul, is the nephew of the two women who started and ran The Golden Room (Montrose) in its heyday. They shared their recipes with him, so the curries and spring rolls (including the best spring roll sauce I've ever had in my life - he won't give me the recipe)are exactly the same as they used to be at Golden Room, only served in styrofoam and at half the price. The kee mow chicken and beef, panang beef and panang catfish are the best I've had at any Thai restaurant anywhere, even with plastic forks. The Longpoint location has a drive-through we stop at on the way out of town when we are heading to Austin or San Antonio (yes, it's hard to eat pad thai while driving).

        I like Kanomwan for that roasted red chili paste chicken dish. One of the guys we eat with there teases Oscar the Grouch mercilessly. Oscar seems to like it, and occasionally cracks a smile. We always taunt him by ordering the "carrot rolls." He insists there is chicken in them somewhere, but we can't find it.

        I always like going to Kanamwon when a neewbie is there. They order from Oscar and he turns around and walks off as they are placing their drink orders. They then look pissed-off and confused.

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          Thai Rancha is a really cool place. It kind of makes me want to live in the spring branch area.

        2. According to Southwest Airlines magazine, WhiteOak in the Galleria has the best Pad Thai in Houston.

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            We like Thai Sticks on Montrose too.

          2. Our favorite Thai in the area is Thai Siam, out in Sugar Land. Really terrific, we think.