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Jun 13, 2013 11:34 AM

Conventioneer in search of Atlanta's hidden gems (and others)

Hello Atlanta and fellow ChowHound users...

I will be attending a national convention in Atlanta the first week of July. There are a number of foodies in my party and one of our favorite things to do at this annual convention is to plan out our dinners for the week, getting as complete a picture of that city's best as we can. We were in D.C. last year and had a blast because of the outstanding recommendations from ChowHound. I'm sure the same will hold true for this year!

No cuisine is off-limits. We are staying right off of Centenial Olympic Park and will only have MARTA and taxis available as transportation. No restrictions on meal cost, but no one is a big fan of the $150 dinner. We did a Jose Andres chef menu last year and it was worth it, but wasn't $150!

We're interested in hidden gems, must-haves, etc. Folks are especially fond of Asian cuisine and real southern food, so hopefully the latter can certainly be accomodated. Any other recommendations are appreciated.

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  1. by far Gu's Bistro for asian--incredibly good Szechuan
    For dim sum go to Canton House--both these spots are on Buford Highway, where most Asian spots are. Gu's is owned by husband wife & daughter team from Szechuan--they have private "rooms" if you want to get a little boisterous call and ask Yvonne for a nice spot
    For steaks et al my fav is McKendricks--itll run about 100/head with wine, but its worth it
    Iberian pig in Decatur is very good.
    Off th beaten path is Nikolais roof, at the hilton (roof) it has incredible Russian theme meals, flavored vodka, great caviar,nice view small spot, maybe 12 tables so need a res.

    For French i like either Anis in town, or La Petite Maison in Sandy springs-- far cheapoer than Anis but very good countrey French food
    Again, off the path Alfredos for italian
    Seafood try Red Snapper on Chesire Bridge that i could suggest, but these would be my hidden gems,except for McKendricks
    There are lots of high end spots i could suggest,but these are les trendy

    1. Lunacy Black Market is a hidden gem within walking distance of your hotel. Empire State South isn't hidden, but it's a gem, and is easily accessible via MARTA.

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        I second the meal at McKendricks (Perimeter area) - by far the best steakhouse in ATL, and there are some good ones, but McKendricks stands out.

        If you like Greek, Kyma in Buckhead is good.

        French - Bistro Niko

        Another steakhouse that's good, but is Argentenian is "Pampas", and it's NOT the kind of restaurant with meat on a big stick that servers carry around. They have a great menu w/ steak and seafood. Their Dover Sole & Carpaccio is outstanding. They finish the Dover Sole tableside.

        Atlantic Seafood Company in Alpharetta is fantastic - and they have wonderful sushi.

        Another good seafood place in ATL is Atlanta Fish Market in Buckhead.

      2. +1 for Gu's - great Szechuan. For Southern food, I'm a fan of Mary Mac's Tea Room, even though it gets mixed reviews on CH. Excellent pizza at Antico Pizza Napolentana.

        You could also take Marta to Decatur station and walk around, there are a number of great places there - Iberian Pig for Spanish food, No 246 for Italian, Cakes and Ale all very good.

        1. A place I thoroughly enjoy for middle eastern is Nicola's, although I rarely see it mentioned in this forum. It's been there for at least 25 years.