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Jun 13, 2013 11:31 AM

Large 30th Birthday Dinner, Westside/South Bay/WeHo, Prefer $$ to low $$$

Hi guys--I'm looking to do a party for about 20-25 people for my 30th birthday on a Sunday and need suggestions. Some thoughts my hubby and i came up with are Waterloo & City, Osteria Mozza, Tasting Kitchen, Tar & Roses. Problem is, we always eat at Waterloo and have gone to Mozza quite a bit this year, so trying to find something new and exciting. Has anyone done a large party at Tasting Kitchen and/or Tar & Roses? Are there other places you recommend? Last year I did AYCE KBBQ, so trying to get a little more formal this time around. Thanks!!

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  1. Last visit to Tasting Kitchen we sat upstairs next to a party of 16, so they could easily handle your group in that area.

    1. Palihouse is fun and turns into a nightclub later in the eve. Good food....good for large parties.

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        Palihouse looks good. Do you know when they're opening the restaurant in SM?

      2. Lido Di Manhattan in Manhattan Beach is perfect for your dinner. The food is very good - the perfect blending of Italian and Mediterranean. Amazing homemade pasta, great meat, vegetarian options... Their patio is lovely and unlike some restaurants, you can actually hear the people at your table. Great wine list also. Casual and comfortable but still special!