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Jun 13, 2013 11:13 AM

Hong Kong style French Toast in downtown Toronto

Anyone know if there are any places to get HK style French Toast (deep fried French toast smothered in butter and syrup) downtown?

I know of a bunch of places in Markham but how about in the downtown core? I'm assuming Chinatown somewhere, but not sure which. I asked House of Gourmet but they said only during the day time. Has anyone tried it?

For reference, the photo is what I'm talking about

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  1. It isn't Hong Kong Style French Toast, but if you're looking for a deep-fried French Toast, you can find it @ many Portuguese Bakeries, the best being Venezia on Ossington. It's deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. No syrup or butter, but pretty darn delicious!

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      Great recco! Just went and bought three for the office, they got devoured in seconds. It's funny, I've been to Venezia so many times but never saw them! They were right under my nose.

      1. re: isabel23

        I'm so glad that you liked them :)

    2. Sorry... Not HK style, but The Pickle Barrel used to do a deep fried Challah "brick" French toast, that was quite good.

      Haven't been to one in years due to the generally average (or below) food, but it might be worth a shot for this one item.

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          Hong Kong Bistro Cafe is on Dundas, west of Huron, on the second floor.

          Other places that may serve it are Kim Moon, on Dundas east of Huron, and Canteen, on the second floor of the Dragon City mall at Dundas and Spadina.

        2. That picture looks so reminiscent of an Indian-Pakistani dessert called 'shahi tukray'. Essentially an over the top dessert of deep fried bread soaked in cream and sugar. It's amazing, and I've only seen it served at Indian weddings. Rarely on a normal dessert menu at a restaurant.