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Jun 13, 2013 10:52 AM

Advice on using a Rice Cooker

I know how to make a pretty decent pot of rice on the stove but just "inherited" a rice cooker and would like to try making it in that. Alas their is no measuring cup with it. Can I use the same measurements ...1 cup Basmatti rice ( soaked for 15 mins) to 1 3/4 cup of water? Can I saute the rice in the cooker too? I normally make Indian style. Any other tips would be mucho appreciated.

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  1. Same measurements, you need to sauté the rice in a pan though.

    1. llllooove my rice cooker. Look on the inside there mightbe "water line" and a rice line otherwise the measurements would be the same as on the stove.
      you will get a lovely steamed rice.

      you can not saute rice in a cooker.

      but you can take the rice and throw it in a wok or fry pan..
      after it is done

      1. Water:rice ratio is the same. You cannot saute in the cooker, but you can toast your spices in a separate pan and add them to the water to season your rice as it steams.

        1. What everybody else said. Personally, I love the "keep warm" function on mine. I can start my rice before everything else and it's perfect by the time I'm done. No waiting for rice!

          1. You should get a rice cooker measuring cup (on Amazon or from an Asian parts store).

            In one of the strange mysteries of the world, the rice cooker industry defines "1 cup" as about 3/4 cup. So the water line markers on your rice cooker work perfectly with the cup measure that comes with rice cookers - but don't work with your traditional cup measures.