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Jun 13, 2013 09:36 AM

Port Townsend Recommendations?


we're headed to Port Townsend for the weekend and I'm looking for recommendations for lunch, dinner, and drinks. We're staying at Manresa Castle and I'd like more walkable options, where possible.

So far:

Fountain cafe- menu doesn't wow me but there are a lot of recommendations

Alchemy- menu looks interesting but I didn't see any reviews- any thoughts?

Sirens- I remember liking the deck there last visit and enjoying some fried oysters. How's the food overall? Is the crawfish boil they're doing worthwhile?

Alderbrook Resort- the menu looks good- not sure if I'm up for the drive

Sorenson winery- out of the way and in an industrial park

Fairwinds winery- is this still open- the experience sounds fun (old farm out in the country)

Is there a wine tasting room in town people would recommend?

Is there one of the thai places in town which is exceptional? Banana Leaf or Kru Larb Thai?



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  1. You might try the PNW board for this.

    We were in PT a few years back and I cannot remember much from our time there. What I do remember is the great breakfast at Sweet Laurette's, which we hit twice in three days. The Saturday Market was quaint, but had a lot of nice stuff. Enjoy the visit.

    1. Hi, Andrew:

      I haven't been to all the places you list, but I can highly rec both the Fountain Court and Sirens. Even considering the buzz FC has gotten, I still consider it underrated. IMO, it's one of the best restos in the state and region. But it's quirky in a[n] (to me endearing) way.

      Sirens, also quirky, to me is the regional archetype of a "gastropub"--a term I detest. Everything I've had there has been better than good. My default dish there is a pasta and chicken dish in Gorgonzola sauce which initiates a Pavlovian drool every time I think about it [reaches for paper towel].

      Doc's Marina Grill got a lot of recommendations from locals, but I haven't been there, yet.

      Have Fun,

      1. For something rustic--and very good--check out Dos Okies Barbeque. Good ribs, great sauce.

        1. No reason to drive 2 hours one way to go to Alderbrook. Might want to look at Sequim of you want to try something other than Pt. Townsend.

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            Or Dupuis in East Port Angeles. Lot of history there.

          2. I am a big fan of the Ajax cafe; good food (not spectacular), but a nice wine list, and great atmosphere. Often live music that doesn't overwhelm conversation, and a chance to wear hats... check their website, and that will all make sense!