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Jun 13, 2013 08:31 AM

Baycities Peppers Recipe

Does anyone know what brand of peppers Bay Cities uses on their sandwiches or do they make their own? Same question for the italian dressing...

I'm trying to replicate for an out of town sister. It impossible to duplicate the bread, but thought I could come pretty close if I could get the other ingredients down.

I was also thinking about making her wait an hour or so between when I tell her I'm going to make it and when I actually do to give her a sense for that lunchtime line!

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  1. Bay Cities buys the peppers from an outside source. I forgot the name of the brand, but Bay Cities sells jars of it in their grocery section. It wasn't too expensive either.

    1. They use Italian pepperoncini, but the brand is something you may have to ask them about. I'll bet you could make a pretty good duplicate of the Italian dressing using Good Seasons packets and a high quality extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and a Japanese rice wine vinegar.

      1. This is the pepper mix brand they use: Il Primo Giardiniera