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Pizza place in First Canadian Place Toronto

A long time ago, my first job was at First Canadian Place, I use to go into the food court and get the BEST pizza slice ever, a few years ago I went back to the food court only to see its been renovated and said pizza place is no longer there...does anyone remember the name of this place and if they opened up somewhere else?

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  1. I remember this place - it was great. Was it Pizza Manna?

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        Are you guys sure? I recall the guy who worked / ran the place (practically a one man show. He'd do all the pizza orders and he'd have someone ring in the cash...) He was pretty chummy and his pizza place didn't have a franchise "feel" to it. If this is true, I am RUNNING back there when I return from mat leave. His pizza was the best and incredible value.

        1. re: Apple

          I think it was the original one - it was there years ago (like, the last time I ate there was in 2000). Maybe he expanded?

      2. I loved that place. In the underground, right where the Longo's is now... Boo.

        I wish I could remember the name.

        1. Yes thats it!!! Pizza Manna (I think I always thought it was Pizza Mama)...I guess they are not far away in the exchange tower now...I'm pregnant so this is a huge craving for me!!!

          1. Piazza Manna is a big chain - not the same guy.

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              I remember that Piazza Manna as well, I was under the impression that that one was the first one and the quality suffered after they started to expand and franchise.

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                I really don't think so - Piazza Manna has (a sorry excuse for) pastas, etc. The place in FCP was just pizza - but around 20 varieties on any given day.

                And it was glorious.

            2. I know there's a Piazza Manna in Commerce Court under CIBC, across from the Druxy's. At least it was there the last time I checked, a few months ago.

              Also a Piazza Manna underneath the Sheraton hotel in the PATH.

              They're in lotsa places downtown....

              1. If it is the place where the Longos is now, I remember how great the pizza was. It was not a Pizza Manna. There was something related to sunshine (del sol?) in the name or the branding, IIRC

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                  Your memory serves you well. It was called Pizza O'Sole. (a strange name -- hard to remember, it would appear!). And yes, it cleared out when FCP overhauled the market space. I haven't seen it anywhere else in the PATH.

                    1. re: AverageJo

                      Yes, that's absolutely right! Pity we lost that place as their pizza was really good.

                      I suspect Longo's didn't want any competition may have negotiated something to ensure they were the only fresh pizza option downstairs. I was underwhelmed with a Mushroom pizza from Longo's in FCP and haven't bothered trying anything else.

                      1. re: Breadcrumbs

                        What sucks was I remember his large pizza slices being around $2-3 bucks (best value in the PATH) while the whole pizza from Longos is closer to $10, if I recall. I've never had it though... too "rich" for my blood. :)

                        1. re: Apple

                          I actually thought the Longos pizza was very well done. Never tried the previous place though.

                  1. It was absolutely not Pizza Manna (which has very very average pizza) in Adelaide Centre and I'm wracking my adled brain to try and remember the name. Rumour was they were moving to TD tower food court but never arrived.

                    They were very good. : (