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Jun 13, 2013 06:24 AM

Sunday Brunch in Manhattan

Can someone pleaase recommend a good place for a Sunday Brunch in Manhattan

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  1. A little searching would have turned up this thread from two months ago -

    1. How many people will be there?

      I've been to Hummus Place on the UWS several times and I always leave happy. They have three locations in Manhattan (supervised by UKS). My favorites are the shakshuka halumi and labane. On Sundays you'll be able to order from their brunch menu or the regular menu. I'm not sure about the other locations, but the UWS Hummus Place is small, so if you have a bigger group you'd probably want to go elsewhere. Has anyone been to their other locations?

      If your group is larger, I'd suggest My Most Favorite Food on the UWS because it has a bigger dining area and I liked the food (supervised by OK). If you're hungry don't get the pancakes because they're tiny.

      1. Le Marais has the best brunch in town, noon to 3pm!