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Jun 13, 2013 02:19 AM

Hakkasan at the MGM - Any thoughts?

Hello all,

L.A. Hound here, thinking of visiting Las Vegas later this month or next with 4-5 other friends, probably staying 2 nights (yup, you guessed it - The Vegas Weekend)...

Has anyone tried Hakkasan at the MGM yet? (I'm more interested in the restaurant part than the nightclub part...) I've had OK meals at the Hakkasan London location, but that was years ago.

Any advice would be helpful. As always - Thanks in advance!

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  1. does anyone know how to access the menu online?

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      The MGM Grand website lists a downloadable menu, but it's not working right now. To see an online version, go to the Hakkasan website at .

    2. I have not been to the Vegas location but recently dined at the SF location. Decor was nice but the food was not very memorable - especially if you are coming from LA. I also dined at the London location about a year ago and it was better IMO.

      1. OP reporting back...

        I was absolutely STUNNED by how well-executed the food was at Hakkasan at the MGM. Next to Guy Savoy & Joel Robuchon, this was possibly the tastiest meal I've had in the last 2-3 years in Las Vegas.

        Having dined in the original Hakkasan London location in the West End when it first opened back in early 2000s, I have to admit I did not go into the meal with high expectations.

        DECOR: First off, the place is gorgeous. Smart placement of partitioning and lighting in the main dining room gives Hakkasan at MGM Grand a really intensely blue, uber-cool vibe. The bar definitely also passes the eye candy test. DJ spins house (but obtrusively) in the background. Noise levels are moderate in the dining room, and allow for decent table conversation. Bathrooms are likewise stylish and well-maintained, with attendants at the doors of both the men's & women's washrooms.

        MIXOLOGY / BEVERAGES: Very good cocktails and drinks overall. the wine list is extensive. Jasmine tea was served properly in a large porcelain kettle, and coffee service was flawless.

        FOOD: The Signature $118pp menu was what our party ordered. Executive Chef Ho Chee Boon was brought from Hong Kong to oversee the kitchen, and his meticulousness shows.

        Highlights included:

        - Jasmine tea smoked beef short rib - Outstanding. Tender, flavorful and prepared with love. Served with slices of lotus root, these are bites of beef to be savored.

        - Hakka fried dim sum platter (roasted duck pumpkin puff, XO scallop puff, crispy prawn dumpling) - Combining the combination of perfect baking of the puff pastries and the scrumptious fillings within, this dish was on par with any of the excellent new Chinese cuisine I've eaten in Hong Kong, Vancouver, Shanghai and the San Gabriel Valley here in SoCal.

        - Crispy roasted duck with kumquat and mustard sauce - Served elegantly, each piece of duck comes with a slice of candied kumquat. The interplay of duck skin and meat is undoubtedly the star here, and the sensation of this gestalt is as close to the legendary roasting houses of HK as you'll find in North America.

        -Dessert: Coconut pudding (coconut pearl pudding, caramelized spiced pineapple, lime financier) - The flavors were very well-balanced. A lovely, light dessert.

        SERVICE: Attentive, flexible, and gracious. A 20% gratuity was automatically added to our large party, and I included more beyond that.

        OVERALL: As you can tell by now, I was extremely pleased with my overall experience at Hakkasan at MGM Grand. I will definitely be returning here to try more of Chef Ho's creations. Shamelessly selfish appeal: Chef Ho, please consider coming out to L.A.!

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        1. re: J.L.

          Thanks for the write up J.L. It sounds like what I was hoping from the S.F. location. I will have to check Hakkasan LV on my upcoming trip.

          1. re: J.L.

            Great report! I wonder if the Hakkasan in NYC is as good as the Hakkasan in LV?

          2. Hakkasan is, in a word, horrific.

            Imagine ordering up some food at Man Chu Wok or Panda Express, and then paying 300x the regular food court price. And, imagine further that the food you get at this pretentious doucheblight of a restaurant is not even as good as what you've come to expect from your local food court Chinese joint.

            So, what do you do? Wolf down the laughable red-glowing sweet and sour pork? Complain? We complained. Gosh, we tried not to, but we had to. Their response: "the managers are really busy right now."


            Seriously, I cannot recall a worse restaurant experience in my life.

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            1. re: Fwagra

              Wow. Totally different experience (and service level) than my visit there. Maybe the honeymoon's over.

                1. re: Shirang

                  We were a group of six. We ordered most of the dishes on the menu. Almost all were really bad. It was consistent.

              1. bump, any 2014 reports?