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Jun 12, 2013 10:21 PM

Late Night Dining in Silicon Valley from Silicon Valley Metro

The article was written Nov. 2012, but I think it's still a good one. I don't eat late, but some sound good to me, have others tried any of them?

Chef Yang's BBQ
10831 N. Wolfe Rd, Cupertino
service until 12:30AM

El Rancho Liquor Store & Taqueria
1401 Almaden Rd, SJ
until 1:45AM

A Slice of NY
3443 Stevens Creek Blvd, SJ
until 12AM

Pho Tau Bay
454 Keyes St, SJ
until 12AM

Donut Wheel
10250 N. De Anza Blvd, Cupertino

Gooyi Gooyi
1328 El Camino Real, Santa Clara
until 2AM


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  1. I thought it was a laughable article due to the extraordinary number of restaurants that were not listed. If the list was "here are a few places "I" like", that would be one thing. Yelp lists upward of 60 or 70 places, and some of those are bars with kitchens closing earlier, just in San Jose downtown --- and to my mind, Silicon Valley goes up into at least Palo Alto and over to Milpitas.

    Like, you don't mention Original Joes or La Victoria? Really?

    I do not know if all of these are restaurants (instead of bars), and I haven't been to most of them, and if it was my article I'd have written a heck of a lot more. Koreans are famous for late nights.

    Bluefin (kitchen only 10pm, bar menu?)
    Original Joe's 1am ?
    Fahrenheit (11pm dinner, bar menu?)
    City Restaurant (1am / 3am weekends?)
    Sa-By Thai (12pm)
    Cafe Stritch wed-sat 12pm ?
    Pho 90 Degree (12pm)
    Vyne Bistro (11:30)
    Pho Ha (12)
    La Victoria (3am for many)
    Iguanas (home of burritozilla - 12 or 3am)
    Taqueria Lorena's (12 or 3am)
    Blue Water Seafood (12)
    Tacos Al Carbon (12am / 3am)
    Pauly's Famous Franks and Fries (south third - 3am weekends?)
    El Grullo - 12
    Ngu Long - unknown kitchen hours
    Peggy Sue's - midnight / 2am
    Pita Pit - 12am / 3am
    Lunch Box
    Anh Thu (oxtail hotpot???)
    Mexican Hot Dog Man
    Seoul Gom Tang
    Wonton house
    Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    99 Chicken
    Jang Mo Jip
    Kko Kko Taang
    Nutrition House
    China Palace
    Won Kee
    Family Delight
    Shanghai Din Sheng
    Dragon Gate BBQ
    FT BBQ
    Hot Pot City
    Kirin - MV
    Fu Lam Mum - MV
    HK Bistro - MV
    FJLT - MV
    Pho Hoa
    The Boardwalk - MV
    El Grullense - PA
    Gravity - PA
    Cafe 220 - PA
    The Old Pro - PA