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Two nights and one full day in SF - food help!

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I will be travelling to SF next week, arriving Wenesday evening, and then heading up to wine country Friday late morning. I am flying into SF and am looking for great places for interesting, local specialties. I will be alone and have no problem getting a car if needed. I know this is pretty broad, but i like everything, including very spicy! I would also love a few recommendations on places for great cocktails and craft beer.


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  1. You are going to get a lot more responses if you start here:

    Then, tell us where you are staying and what your budget is.

    Then, for Napa, here are LOTS of very recent threads:

    You will get a lot more responses if you say something like, "I have researched the boards and am staying in this neighborhood - considering restaurants X, Y, or Z..." etc.

    We are a heavily traveled city and what you have asked for is in several dozen current threads.

    1. Definitely have to agree with Carrie, this question gets asked all the time and it's hard to know where to start when your net is cast so wide.

      There's a ton of places for craft brew.
      Monk's Kettle and Toronado come to mind. Rosamunde in the mission has craft beer and homemade sausages. There's a bunch of new additions in this category too like Pacific Brewing Company and others that I can't think of right now.
      NOPA has great cocktails and is a local favorite and destination restaurant at the same time, the food is classic California/SF style cuisine.
      If you want to do the Mission Burrito thing I'd recommend Pancho Villa but there's a ton of options and everyone has a different opinion.
      Give us more details on what you're looking for and you'll get a lot of responses.