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May 30, 2003 02:47 PM

prime rib in San Antonio area

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in search of a great slab of prime rib in the san antonio area. I'd like to avoid the chains if possible, but a regional chain is acceptable as long as the meat is good.

i'd like to stay within @ 1/2 an hour of town.

thanks for any help.

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  1. Heading to the Clear Channel mothership, are we? Sorry I can't help with the prime rib yen you've got, but please say hello to the former Jacor guys (if any are left).

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    1. re: Kirk
      The Ghost of Jimmy DeCastro

      I asked Randy Michaels about prime rib, but he couldn't help me either.


        1. re: Kirk
          The Ghost of Jimmy DeCastro

          I want to make some remark about a vulture picking the raw meat off the carcass, but i don't know how to word it correctly.

          I wonder what ever happened to the JaCor Death Star?

    2. Forget IBIZA at the Hilton Palacio del Rio (Riverwalk). Pretty bad prime rib.

      Maybe Little Rhein Steakhouse? Or consider Do Brazillia a "churrascaria".

      Hope you get some recs. I'll be in SA next month.

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      1. re: memorylane
        The Ghost of Jimmy DeCastro

        I avoid the riverwalk like the plague. The only thing worth the tourists is boudros. heaven.

        Went to the Barn Door. Less than impressed. I would have been good if the whole Bexar County Republican party was looking for a slab of meat, but I was really just going for good prime rib.

        haven't been to lil rhein. any good?

        1. re: The Ghost of Jimmy DeCastro

          Isn't The Little Rhine - Got forbotten - on the riverwalk? Sorry ... couldn't resist...