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Jun 12, 2013 06:24 PM

Asian Picks in Orange County

Passing through and looking for good funky places. Any recs?

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  1. Can you be any more specific as far as type of Asian and or area within OC?

    1. What are you looking for? Strengths are Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and a really good Thai Place. Lunch or dinner?


      -Trieu Chau (lunch only). Dirty hole in the wall noodle shop. Get the house special noodles with thin white pho noodles

      -Newport Tan Cang. Vietnamese/Cantonese. Famous for their very flavorful house special lobster. Their vietnamese beef is also good. The only downside is that the lobster is a minimum of 5-lbs.

      -Com Tam Thuan Kieu . Broken rice plate. Monster portion for like $6.99. Grilled chicken, fried fish cake in bean curd, some meat pie thing. Funky and delicious.


      -Kasen for traditional sushi. Not funky. Pristine, simple, and delicious

      -Kappo Honda for izakaya. Huge menu, think Yakko-san but much better

      -Tsuruhashi. Japanese bbq beef. Great stuff. Excellent quality.


      -101 Noodle Express. Dumplings, noodles, beef rolls. One of my personal favorites. Long lines at peak lunch hours and weekend.

      -Sam Woo Culver. Really good high end Cantonese seafood. Many tanks of live seafood swimming around and ready to be cooked to order. Can get pricy if you go crazy.

      -Little Sheep. Mongolian Hot pot. You can get half spicy and half clear broth. High quality sliced lamb and beef. Also very good seafood and vegetarian options.


      -Kaju Tofu (Garden Grove branch not Irvine). Good Korean stewed tofu. I like to combo it with the chicken bulgogi.


      -Thai Nankorn. Outstanding. Green papaya salad +/- raw crab, chicken yellow curry, stuffed fried chicken wings, BBQ chicken, piguaut beef curry (if you want a little funkier).

      Welcome to the OC.

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        I agree with porthos about newport tan cang. that lobster is awesome. i do think we got one slightly smaller before but i would have no complaints about sharing a 5lbr with a friend. also got the pea shoots/sprouts and a free -- but amazing -- beef broth with bone etc in it. saw some older guys eating what looked like a beef stew/broth with french bread and that looked great too....but hard to get away from that lobster....not too pricey either.

        1. Chong Qing Mei Wei for very good Sichuan.