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Jun 12, 2013 06:15 PM

Nightmare at Average Joe's Needham.

What was I thinking, taking a family to a big box restaurant in the Average oasis of Needham? Got there at 6, on a weeknight, thinking we'd get earnest service in a timely manner. Hostess told us it would be 15 minute wait. After about 25 minutes of waiting and trying to avoid cataclysmic meltdown from our 2 hungry little kids, my spouse inquired about how much longer.... we got a vague answer of about 15 more minutes....which at that point was unacceptable. There were a number of other patrons who got there before us...and they were equally agitated, and frustrated. We've eaten at this Average, overpriced place before and we figured that we could make our dollar and patience go much further by walking down the street to a quaint pizza and pasta joint....

We had a great quiet meal at Comellas, no alcohol or free bread, but no big bill or drama either.

My hope for all the Needham restaurants that are opening up and trying to keep the doors open is that you are polite to your guests, and in exchange we will support you, and share the love for your small, family friendly restaurants.

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  1. No kidding. I've had two horrible experiences at NYAJ - it's SO average - and refuse to go there again. Stonehearth is great w. kids. So is Tu y yo.

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      Tu y Yo Needham is sadly closed. :(

        1. re: kt1969

          WHAT!?! That's awful! When did that happen? We loved it - and they were so nice to our kids :(

        2. re: sallyt

          Yep. For kids, Stone Hearth is IMO one of the best options in the area, and the pizza ain't bad either.

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            Funny how people have very different experiences. I go to the Watertown NYAJs and have always had a great meal. I think the Needham restaurant is just too small.

            And I had a horrible experience the one time I went to that Stonehearth in Needham. Inept waitress who got the order wrong then was too embarrassed to even come by the table to check up on us. Burned appetizer for my friend. Dry pizza for me. And a loud, live jazz band on a weeknight when the restaurant was full of screaming kids and families. Never again.

          2. I had a shockingly mediocre meal there last summer, just shy of gross.


            1. This is typical of all the locations of that place. There is one in Acton that is always packed.. You can wait an hour for a seat there, and the food is barely average.. I dont get it...

              British Beer Company is another one.. They opened one in Westford a few years back. On a fri/sat night i have been told aprox TWO hours for a table!

              1. Glad you supported your local establishment.

                1. To be fair, Comella's is also a local chain, and while better value for the money, is certainly not fine dining.