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Jun 12, 2013 06:13 PM

who really invented the cronut?

Is it an old German treat as some say it is or did somebody at Dominique Ansel Bakery invent it?

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  1. Out in Greenport Long Island the chef at Bruce's Cheese Emporium invented the Sconut. An amazing glazed donut shaped scone.

    1. Who knows? My guess is someone at DA is a marketing genius. :-) I trekked down to SoHo to try the DKA. It was ok, but pretty average for KA. I'll probably get around to trying a Cronut once it's jumped the shark.

      1. Dominique invented it. It is completely unique in many ways. Go on youtube and watch the Bloomberg TV interview with him. He goes into it in-depth and it takes three days just to make one. Oh by the way. I got in line at 3:45 a.m. for them a few days ago and it was worth it.

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          A repost from what are you snacking on: The texture is very chewy but also incredibly light for the amount of butter/grease involved. The cream filling is extremely subtle both in taste and texture and has a very slight lemon tang and very lightly applied. My favorite part was actually the frosting on top. It is thick and luxurious and not at all like a buttercream, more of like a fondant crossed with a classic glaze. The layers inside maintain their integrity very well and as you may or may not know all cronuts have this light sugary coating only on the edges. The sugar also had a slight citrus taste. Awesome. So awesome.

        2. You're asking me? At least one person in every culinary school's laminated doughs class "invented" it. "Dude, wonder what happens if you throw it in the fryer" happens at least once per class, even in garde manger.

          That said, I certainly don't mind giving DA credit for it being a Thing.