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Jun 12, 2013 05:58 PM

Carlinos in Ardmore?

So tell me, what are your favorite finds at Carlinos?

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    1. re: suburbanite889

      OK, i'll reply. i live 1/2 mile from carlino's. some of their items (BREAD!) are very good. i also like the cold salads (3 bean, curry turkey) they have a deli counter with nice sliced meats and cheese and a large, cooked food for take-out--everything from lasagne and meatballs, to prime rib, chicken cutlets. etc. they also have freezer cases of pasta and limited groceries (olive oil, anchovies, gourmet mustard etc) prices are generally very high. I go in thinking i will just buy bread and try to control my purchases of sides to go with dinner. I think their stuff is generally good --but we once had a "homemade" peach pie that cost like $30 -- and when we cut into it at a holiday table of 20 people, under the upper crust, the whole inside of the pie was spotted with green mold. We used to order my husband's Xmas gift baskets for work from them until one year, when they sent them out with the WRONG first name --and when I brought the error to the manager's attention he said," Oh sorry" NOTHING ELSE offered to us, after we had spent $900 on gift baskets. (now we send John&Kira's for the last 5 years -always perfect)

      1. re: elmom

        Have you ever tried their pizza? I got their eggplant bruschetta which was amazing, albeit a bit heavy on the oil, and I also tried their broccoli rabe which was good as well, again a bit heavy on the oil. Are their italian pastries: cannoli, sfogliatelle, lobster claws, any good?

    2. Tomato pie, bean salad, roasted artichokes, and grilled salmon (which they prepare in many different ways). We're not big dessert people, but their pignoli cookies are terrific.

      1. They make decent hoagies and their pumpkin ravioli were always great.