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Jun 12, 2013 05:04 PM

Department of Silly Cheeses

I’ve had plenty of cheeses with silly names that still taste good. Cato Corner Farm clearly likes to play with words. Witness their Womanchego, Drunk Monk, Dairyere, Despearado and Drunk Hooligan cheeses. Cypress Grove’s Lambchopper heads the “cute” category, followed closely by Divine Providence from Rhode Island. Stinking Bishop from Glouchestershire lives up to its name.

Today I found an English cheese named after some natural caves in which it is aged, which has risen to the top of my weird cheese name list. Fromagerians, I give you:

Wookey Hole Cheddar !

Do you have any competing candidates?

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  1. Ruth L has thrown out a few names on this board that were fun. Melanie W posted a NYT article that discussed names and cheese prose written by cheese

    Would you agree, one area of cheese making where cheese & wine can be very similar is in the labeling. Every year for Christmas my hair dresser asks for a bottle of Fat Bitch (red) wine....

    And some market cheesemongers get very creative on the store printed label:

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      Ewephoria is an excellent sheep's milk gouda.

      Fellow chowhound wolfe refers to Lambchopper as "sheep on a cycle" (took me a minute to get that reference).

    2. There's Cojack, a combinaton of Colby and Jack.

      And whenever my Uncle would say the words Head Cheese around my brothers they would roar with laughter. I smile just thinking about it.

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        And is there any part of head cheese that is in fact cheese?

      2. I live near Wookey Hole (and Cheddar), so it doesn't sound at all silly to me!

        1. I haven't seen the Drunken Hooligan, but I can buy the regular Hooligan made by Cato Corner Farm in CT here in FL and it is extraordinary. (and pricey)

          1. Dragon's Breath. It's really delicious, but the name kind of grosses me out!

            Stinking Bishop

            Drunken Goat.

            Most Ewenity cheeses have names involving some sort of pun about sheep. Ramembert, etc.