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Jun 12, 2013 04:37 PM

Hanna's restaurant in Richmond Hill

Anyone know what goes into their salad house dressing?

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  1. Wish I did! Love their salad dressing! Why don't you call them or ask them the next time you're there. They might tell you.

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    1. re: kwass

      Hi! Tried that. It's a secret.

    2. Yippee!! I finally made it to Hanna's for a meal and a chance to try out their 'illusive and mysterious' salad dressing!

      First, about that Hanna house special salad dressing! Pretty good but nothing mind blowing! { Green Goddess is still my favorite when comes to thickkish western style dressing. Pity can't get that in Toronto. Wish Royal Caribbean Cruise line could bottle theirs and put it on the market!! }
      Back to the Hanna version. IMO, I believe it is a mix of Lebanese garlic sauce, Italian dressing ( for the tartness ) and sugar syrup for the sweet component.

      For the rest of the meal, we deliberately ordered Felafel and Lamb skewers so that we can make a direct comparison with our long time favorite 'Sababa'.

      The presentation of Hanna's food, using more modern dinnerware was definitely a step up from the Sababa's more conservative approach.

      Food wise, the Falafel we ordered with Hummus and Tahini accompaniment were at par with Sababa's. Greaseless, crunchy shell and nicely seasoned and not too dense interior. Pretty enjoyable.

      The Lamb Shish Kebab which we ordered 'rare' were way overcooked to medium!! However, they were partially compensated by their ultra-tenderness!! Degree of char-broiled smokiness was less intense than Sababa's. Overall, my preference goes to Sababa.

      Based on decor, pricing and first impression, I will give it another try. ( Hope they do not screw up the meat timing again! ).

      BTW, the rare and high priced ' lamb & veal ' Sharwarma is only available on the weekends!! :( !!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        My, but you do get around, Charles. Glad that, overall, you liked Hanna's. It's one of my favourite Middle East/Israeli joints. Sababa is strong - especially its salads, starters and appetizers - but I find its dining room so bleak that, despite the extra driving time, I lean toward Hanna's, with its lively, warmer atmosphere. And, as you point out, a delightful presentation of dishes. I've never had the falafel and lamb skewers that you ordered - I tend towards the satisfying chicken tabac and the rainbow trout - but a friend of mine who, like you, likes her lamb rare, and got medium first time out, now makes it politely clear that she wants rare, rare and only rare, if you please, and that's what she gets (now that they know she's so fussy). Gently let them know that you're a stickler about such things and, despite the assembly-line nature of such busy places, they'll accommodate you.

        Note: though Hanna's doesn't publicize it - after all, it has its own basic, limited wine list to promote - you can bring your own wine at $10 corkage.