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Jun 12, 2013 03:44 PM

Best Date night restaurant

Want to plan a nice place for a date night. Looking for a place with great atmosphere and most importantly good food

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  1. Fork has great food, a stylish space, not too loud, and it is easier to get a reservation than Bibou.

    French movie night at Bistro La Minette might be romantic.

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      1. re: evtrafton

        I love Ela - maybe a table in the backroom would be on the romantic side

        1. re: Bigley9

          I like Ela too, and the back room will definitely be a bit more quiet and intimate (the main room can be a bit noisy). As long as your date is an adventuresome eater, since the chef tends to push the boundaries.

    1. Another suggestion: Bistrot La Minette. Delicious food, and it feels like you are in France.

      1. I always find tapas to be romantic with all of the sharing of food. So maybe Amada (if you can be seated in the back room, which I find a bit more intimate) or another small plate restaurant.

        1. Or the kitchen counter at Vernick (not sure how hard it is to snag a seat, since the one time I've done it we just walked in). Great food, you get to talk to a world-class chef, and unlike the rest of the restaurant the noise level is modest. Lots of small plates, so fun to share.

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            I've been trying to get into Vernick it's just so hard to get a reservation!!

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              I've been to Vernick a half-dozen times, and never with a reservation. My boyfriend and I sit at the bar (where the full menu is served), and it's always seemed pretty romantic to us (especially after all the interesting cocktails they serve). The bartender will take time to get to know what you like and don't like, and then he'll surprise you with off-menu concoctions.