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Jun 12, 2013 03:10 PM

Authentic Chinese downtown Vancouver

Staying in coal harbor. Looking for non tourist Chinese restaurant in this area. I know there are a lot of good options in Richmond, but need something closer. Non Cantonese would be great too.

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  1. Coal Harbour, and much of downtown and the West End, are touristy by nature.

    But Hon's (acronym = House Of Noodles) on Robson near Broughton, is fairly down-home. Even has a small selection of dim sum (incl. vegetarian). But they are Cantonese through and through:

    Other down-home restos, non-Cantonese, would be:

    Next Noodle Bar

    Shanghai Xiao Long Bao Restaurant

    New Peace

    1. Downtown - Dinesty and Kirin would be my two choices.

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        Forgot Dinesty has a Vancouver "campus" :-)

      2. I used to like Dinesty. I still do but their dishes though good have a problem I see with many chinese restaurants - they are a bit one dimensional - meat or vegetable or tofu and add soy sauce. That bring said I love their tofu pudding with garlic sauce. The other dish to get would be the xlb (one of the best in Vancouver).

        Ramen House (don't mind the japanese sounding name) is also quite good. It is near Macdonald and Broadway so not too far out of downtown. They also do a very good xlb.

        1. For casual eats, The Boss in Chinatown is a HK cafe/bakery that's popular with local Chinese.