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Jun 12, 2013 02:53 PM

Best cannoli?

Looking for suggestions on where I can get good, authentic canolli for a Father's Day gift (pick up on Saturday). Any ideas? How's Cosetta's?

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  1. Broders has them on their take out menu - never tried, so I won't comment on their authenticity.

    1. can get some shells at many of the grocery stores, fill them just before serving. They lose their magic so quickly.

      1. The new pastry shop at Cosetta's is awesome, if you're into italian pastries.

        1. The best canolli in MSP in my opinion are at Buon Giorno Market in Lilydale. They are filled to order.

          1. Ended up getting some from Cosetta's and they were very good! My father and husband loved them. Thanks all.