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Jun 12, 2013 02:46 PM

how to use Thai Sweet Rice

Dh brought home a 5lb bag of Thai Sweet rice from our local asian market recently. I have NO idea how to use it!

Yes, I could and will google this, but wanted to see what you 'Hounds had to say. :)

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  1. I bet it would make a good rice pudding.

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      1. re: jujuthomas

        I use CalRose rice (a sushi rice grown in the U.S.) to make rice pudding. Because of the starch, it makes a really creamy rice pudding.

    1. I would use it to make lotus wrapped pork and sticky rice, and loh mai kai (a dim sum staple with chicken marinated with oyster sauce and oyster mushrooms). Sticky rice needs a good soaking so usually soak overnight or at least 4-5 hours. Or if I am particularly keen, I would make rice dumpings (sticky rice, meat wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed or boiled )... Dumpling festival was just last week.

      For sweets, the sticky rice would be steamed with coconut cream and some sugar and have a custard base like kuih lapis, or the rice steamed with coconut milk and serve with a watered down egg custard "kaya", or a drizzle of palm sugar syrup.

      As you can tell, I use sticky rice regularly in my kitchen.

      1. slow cook in coconut milk until cooked and nicely thickened, serve with sliced mango, pineapple and a grate of fresh ginger.

        Sticky Rice and Mango

        My family & I enjoy this all summer long.

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          OOh, I had sticky rice and mango at our local Thai place, and it was so good. Definitely putting that one on the list. :)

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            juju, there are some handy tips on this blog towards the bottom of the page on preparing Thai sweet rice.

            and plenty of savory recipes to go with steamed rice.

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                That method for cooking sticky rice works very well.

                My recommendation is make some northern/ northeastern thai dish to go with plain sticky rice.

          2. One of my favorite desserts is biko, sticky rice baked with coconut milk and pandan and then topped with a sticky coconut caramel. Absolutely decadent. It can also be boiled with milk and chocolate to make champurrado.

            If you are grinding the rice into flour, soak it in water first and then grind in a blender to improve the texture. From there you can make mochi, tamales, nian gao or bibingka.