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Best places in/around Atlantic City

We'll be in the area all summer, tell me your favorite places or any new ones I should try. Upscale, hole in the wall, any cuisine, and anything within a half hour of AC. Thanks!

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  1. Carmine's in the Tropicana for real family style Italian.
    Dock's Oyster House for good seafood.
    Gilchrist's in Gardners basin near Atlantic City Aquarium for fantastic waterfront breakfast and lunch.
    Kelsey and Kim's Southern Café on the Southern Boardwalk is another good breakfast place.
    Ruth Chris Steakhouse in the Tanger Outlets area for a good steak, but be prepared to pay $$$$$ for prime-aged beef.

    1. Bill's Gyro on the boardwalk between ballys and showboat

      It's not in AC, but on your way down the parkway stop in pine beach at Roy Rodgers on Rt 9 for a Roast beef sandwich (or 7).

      1. Ram's Head Inn is very good and close by. It's upscale.


        My hole in the wall is Tony's Baltimore Bar and Grill on Atlantic Ave.


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          +1, and +2 for Tony Bolony's - best hole in the wall around - EVER. Cheesesteaks and pizza that will rival any of the fuji dinner spots in the hotels, etc.


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            didn't tony luke open up in the borgata?

        2. Little Saigon on Artic Ave for great Vietnamese food. It's small so I call to reserve a table in the summer.

          1. I myself tend to stay clear of the restaurants in the Casino's just because most of them are "trendy" or corporate stores. While Carmine's in Tropicanna is about the only exception to that.

            I would forget about Ruth Chris, even though I have never been to the A/C location, they are truly hit or miss when it comes to their quality. Instead I would strongly recommend the sister restaurant to Dock's Oyster House (excellent recommendation as well) The Knife and Fork Inn. An excellent old school steakhouse from the 20's, just a cool environment, with excellent steaks and chops.

            Another favorite place of mine was Lefty's, but it's my understand it has closed after many, many years of business. I quit gambling about 6 years ago so I'm not in the area often, but you won't go wrong with the Knife and Fork.

            Also try Whitehouse subs!

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              Heading to AC for a few days next month, and now I can't wait to try Knife and Fork. Thanks for the tip.

            2. I think AC is lacking in great dining but that doesn't answer your question.
              Angleloni's is my favorite Italian. Stay away from Angelo's Fairmont Tavern.
              Tony Baltimore Grill for pizza, clams is red sauce and ravioli. Nothing fancy at all but a true AC institution.
              Mexico Restaurant is fairly good.
              Chef Vola overrated and expensive. Same for Knife and Fork. Carmine's and Ruth Chris are chains.
              Smittys Clam Bar is the best restaurant within 6 miles

              1. Dock's. Cuba Libre. Tony Bolony's, Pho Sydney, the Taquiera next to White House subs. White House Subs.

                1. AC's 2 very best:

                  American Cut at Revel (get the tomahawk ribeye).

                  1. The Sunday Brunch @ Nero's in Caesars is fantastic.

                    1. Anything else in AC...not in a casino?

                      Thank you in advance.

                      1. Head north to Smithville, make a right at the light, and go to the Oyster Creek Inn - right on the water - sit outside in Bill's Crab Room for fresh clue claw crabs and lobsters, served on plastic cafeteria trays - can't go wrong with a wooden mallet and a cold beer. Another good find is the Hacienda, located on Route 9 in Galloway - don't be turned off by the menu - it's a little bit of everything (Mexican, Italian, American) but everything is great - their fish tacos are out of this world, and the portion is so large (includes soup/salad, refried beans and rice, and 3 overstuffed fish tacos) that you won't be able to finish it. They also serve the best mojito I've ever had...

                        1. Love Steve and Cookie's for a great shore meal. Doc's has excellent seafood. Gilchrist for good, basic breakfast on the water - wait can be long.
                          Tony's pizza was not as good last time I visited as it usually is. Smitty's Clam Bar - dive pace with excellent fresh seafood. Love the salad at Angelo's but rest of food is mediocre. White House - Yuum! I live in L A and just thinking about the sub I will eat when I visit next week...

                          1. I'm an NC chow hound, but just got back from a long weekend in Galloway. We stayed at the Stockton Seaview; I was surprised at how good the food was in the Grill Room. Whoever's manning the stove there knows how to treat fish and seafood. Not cheap, but not unreasonable by hotel standards.

                            We had an excellent meal at the Athenian Garden, which was some of the best Greek I've had in a while, and the whole experience there was great.

                            Had a very nice but somewhat overpriced dinner at the Atlantic Grill at Caesar's. Over priced food in a casino; who'd have thought it?

                            Had an excellent and very reasonably priced meal at the Lamplighter Inn at Smithville. Try the pie.

                            1. Back Bay Ale house in Gardners basin, fantastic food!