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Jun 12, 2013 12:49 PM

Bean Question (yeah that)

I love beans and for the most part, I don't have any abnormal issues after eating them, but lately I've upped my intake and have had the usual side effects. That being said, it's nothing too bad. I usually use black, garbanzo, canellini, kidney or navy beans. I'm also fine with lima beans and lentils. the other day I bought Pinto beans and it was an entirely different story.

Is it that I'm just not used to them or is there something I should know about them? BTW, all these are canned beans.

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  1. A lot of cultures where beans figure prominently in the cuisine, season bean dishes with foods that have a carminative (anti-gas) effect. Epazote, a Mexican herb, would pair well with your pintos, blacks and navies. Asafetida, a South Asian resin, goes with the garbanzos, kidneys and lentils.

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    1. Or just buy some Bean-O and use as directed.

      1. Make sure you rinse them well. Not only does this get rid of a lot of salt, but I've read that the canning liquid contains a lot of the complex sugars that cause gas.

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          I actually read that about the salt (which should have been kinda obvious), but didn't know about the sugars. Thanks

        2. The symptoms will increase as the intake in the quantity of
          beans does, but the problem should dissipate as your
          system adjusts to the increased fiber and whatever.

          Rinsing does help.

          1. While you wait to adjust/figure out a system with either Bean-o or Gas-x - another thing to keep in mind would be to not combine the beans with high quantities of other foods that you know are prone to give you gas. Whether it's cauliflower, brussel sprouts, dairy, bran, etc - just ease up a bit on those items until things feel less uncomfortable.