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Jun 12, 2013 10:53 AM

Videos that make you a better cook.

Endorsement: is excellent; Chef John presents dozens of recipes, dozens of styles, food types, in a wonderful droll style.

Questions: Great Courses is promoting a CD series taught by Bill Briwa of CIA entitled, The Everyday Gourmet. Any knowledge out in Houndland of this chef/teacher or specifically of this course?

How about Pretty pricey. Effective?

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    1. I'm one of the few that actually doesn't care much for food wishes.

      I follow a lot of french folks. I can understand enough but watching their technique is plenty informational

      All on YouTube-
      Vahchef (Indian)
      Breadhitz (bread, Swedish baking)
      Bruno albouze (french batman chef in San Diego)
      Chefpatiss (French baking)
      Guydemarlegp (French)
      Thefoodcourt (cakes, decorating)
      Albarock (French baking)
      Rose levy beranbaum
      La cuisine de Monica (french, more home style)

      And searches for julia, jacques, rosengarten, the usuals...

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      1. re: youareabunny

        Wow! Bunny and Westy:

        October 10 gonna be an annual holiday in my house: Chowhound Day. W, you reconnected me to a great, authentic site that had slid outta my repertoire; B, you gave me some super sites. Thanks much.

        1. re: dickgrub

          Heston Blumenthal. Without a doubt the best 'instruction' vids out there IMO. (Youtube)

          1. re: Puffin3

            Puff, you rock! Blumenthal is indeed a great, clear instructor. Nevah hoid a him befo'. Thanks much.

            1. re: dickgrub

              he is a sort of pioneer in molecular gastronomy. I am sure he is a genius, but in looking at his cookbooks....I am not really tempted to buy. I do not own a sous vide machine, nor am I apt to run out and get any liquid nitrogen.

              That being said...if I am ever in England, I will head to the Fat Duck. It sounds amazing.

              1. re: Westy

                W: Am not a devotee of molecular gastronomy and have not previewed his books, but this video of HB choosing and grilling a steak is, as the expression goes, right in my wheelhouse.


                1. re: dickgrub

                  In this vid HB gives up the secret to cooking the perfect steak.
                  Now this is the only way I cook beef steaks/pork chops/lamb chops/elk/venison etc.

      2. A vid that Ian Knauer did when he was at Gourmet on cutting up a whole chicken was the first that made things click into place for me:

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        1. re: ellabee

          This happens all the time! I go to the 'Youtube' link you put up and watch the vid and end up wasting my time watching Karl Pilkington vids! Note to self: This must stop! LOL

        2. I would think this series would be enormously helpful, though I've never tried one.