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Butterscotch pudding ????

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What's your favorite on the current scene ?

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      Calling it "pudding" really doesn't do it justice. Yes, I've tried the butterscotch budino at Pizzeria Mozza. It was very good. But the butterscotch pot de creme at Gjelina is absolutely addictive. I've shared it several times -- every time someone at the table will grab the empty cup and try to scrape another scruptuous taste from their spoon.

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        I made it from the recipe (minus the cookies) awhile ago with good results -

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          +1 on mozza...still have yet 2try a better one.

            1. Curious question from an east coast person -- is butterscotch pudding a current trend in LA?

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                I believe it officially started when a place called the The Pointe, now defunct, a tiny gourmet cafe served it in Culver City back in 07/08.

                The butterscotch pudding trend in LA started about five to six years. And it hit its zenith with Pizzeria Mozza's butterscotch budino (another term for pudding, essentially) when it opened a few years ago.

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                  I can only hope it migrates this way, because it is one of my favorite things from childhood. I don't think I've seen it on any menu in this area.

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                    It's weird that it doesn't since Batali has restaurants on both coasts. I'm surprised it hasn't appeared on the menu at Lupa.

                    By the same token, I sure do wish the Lupa tartufo would make its way out here. A cherry dipped in chocolate in a ball of hazelnut gelato dipped in chocolate covered with biscotti crumble on a pool of fudge. Absurd. The "tartufo" that pops up on the menu at the Mozzas from time to time unfortunately is not it.


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                    Butterscotch pudding was/is on the dessert menu at JAR since it opened in 2001.

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                      Yes, Jar has been serving it since forever, and Nancy got the idea from Jar and put it on her Mozza menu when they opened.
                      Jar's is very good, and deserving credit for all the furor on the subject thereafter.

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                      Didn't Pizzeria Mozza open sometime in 2006, and weren't they serving butterscotch budino from day one?

                      1. My Favorite is Mozza's.... pastry chef Dahlia Narvaez, tells what makes that budino so good:
                        "It was really one of those funny things, kind of an accident. When we opened Mozza, we really wanted a gelato-influenced menu, and at the time, we had no gelato equipment. But we still had to open. So Nancy (Silverton) and I sat down and just put together a simple menu of things and flavors we loved with an Italian influence. I think people are drawn to the combination of warm caramel and Maldon sea salt, with the balance of the fresh cream on top of a creamy budino slightly spiked with good Scotch."

                        1. JAR, It's the good old fashioned butterscotch pudding.

                          1. I , initially said Aoc and Gjelina. I also love Mozza's Budino.
                            Actually, think they are all equal in deliciousness. Go to the venue most convenient. AOC,Gjelina and Mozza are in different areas.. Love them all.

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                            1. re: maudies5

                              Is there such a thing as a really bad butterscotch pudding?

                              I mean, even a bad is still pretty good.

                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                Jell-o instant pudding? Other than that I have to agree with you. Every version I've had in an LA restaurant has been good to excellent. Heading o/t, but my first attempt at making it myself was a definite fail. The pudding never set, and I toyed with not serving it, but I was among butterscotch-loving friends so we ate it out of bowls like butterscotch soup and it tasted great.

                            2. The best one I've had in recent memory was from the Pudding Truck... It's a bit more velvety than Mozzas and had wonderful buttery edge. They just hit the streets, but I scored a tub at The Curious Palate in Mar Vista...


                                  1. Not fair for me to weigh in (har-har-har) since I've only got one real reference point, but the Mozza version is so amazingly good, I can't really envision any better.

                                    1. Just had the butterscotch pot de crème with a la minute beignets at Marche Moderne. Tastes lighter than the Mozza version and every bit as delicious.

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                                        Need to try it when next at MM...if I can get past Amelia's delicious macarons!

                                      2. Perhaps this is not fair, but the best butterscotch pudding I've ever eaten (Mozza included) was at my house-- the Cooks Illustrated recipe.

                                        Basically, you caramelize sugar, brown sugar, butter, water, corn syrup, lemon juice and salt to a very high temp (300 F). Cooking the sugar mixture for as long as possible creates a very dark, rich caramel which imparts a profound complexity of flavor into the pudding base.

                                        Think about it-- in addition to the three types of sweet sugar, you have the salt, the sour lemon juice and the bittersweet notes created by cooking the sugar to a dark caramel. You're hitting all of your tastebud receptors at once. It was spectacular.

                                        You need a subscription to access the recipe, but it was published January 2013, entitled "Ultimate Butterscotch Pudding". As far as I'm concerned, the name fits. Best of all, the ingredients are cheap, so you won't have to pay FUB™ prices!

                                        Mr Taster

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                                          I have to say I think Cooks Illustrated is one of the few subscriptions I think is worth paying for.

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                                            Cook's Illustrated "Ultimate Butterscotch Pudding" Recipe recommended by Mr. Taster:


                                            1. Had the butterscotch pot de crème at Gjelina yesterday and then had to run an errand in Hollywood so picked up a butterscotch budino from Mozza2Go.

                                              My wife, the butterscotch/caramel aficionado, said that while Gjelina's is excellent, the budino still wins. She says the budino has just an edge on taste, being more caramel-y and burnt sugar-y.

                                              My impression was that the budino we had for our anniversary lunch at Mozza (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/920671) was better than the pot de crème, but that the Mozza2Go version, perhaps because it was more than an hour after we got it that we ate it and the consistency was a little runnier, was worse than Gjelina's. The Mozza2Go version also tasted sweeter than I remember the dine-in version being, but that could just be memory and perception.

                                              1. Not on the current scene, but Pie n Burger in Pasadena has a butterscotch meringue pie. Honestly the meringue and the crust portion is unmemorable but the butterscotch is much along the lines of a custard/pudding and its wonderful.

                                                1. Ben and Jerry's is memorializing Ron Burgandy with Scotchy Scotch Scotch flavor this month.

                                                  1. I really liked the butterscotch pudding at Lazy Ox, but have nothing to compare it to. I rarely order butterscotch desserts when dining out.