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Where can I get Sabra spicy hummus in Montreal?

I looked for it everywhere, can't seem to find it.


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  1. I've seen it (and bought it) before; probably even in a standard grocery chain.

    Try natural food stores ("Rachelle Bery")


    1. IGA CSL and IGA Cavendish always have a good selection of that brand.

      1. I think most Metro supermarkets carry it. At least the one in Westmount does. Also, the Cinq Saisons (which is currently under construction) in Westmount has it too.

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          The 5 Saisons is under construction, as you noted, and hasn't been open for several years. So while they may have carried it, who knows if they will once they reopen? What's the point of even mentioning it? Just wondering...

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            Because it's opening very soon and will almost certainly still carry it...

        2. Pretty sure I've seen it at the Provigo on Mont-Royal and St. Urbain

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            PA has it

            It's pretty common.

            I am surprised that the OP is having troubles.

            But, sometimes it is not found in the same section as the fontaine sante stuff.

          2. The Metro on de la Montagne/Notre-Dame has several of the flavours, including the "Supremely Spicy." I'm hooked on it myself. It sells for $4.99 regularly but is often on sale for $3.99. It's more expensive because it comes from the States as opposed to the Fontaine Sante line, for example, which is produced locally.

            They also have a line of fresh salsas that I love. Also expensive.

            1. I prefer the texture of FS to Sabra, which is too smooth, IMO.

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                The texture was one of the main reasons Sabra regular hummous won first place recently in a Cook's Illustrated taste test comparing it to other common US brands. I find the FS a bit too "fluffy." The Sabra is creamy and reminds me of the homemade hummous I used to get at a Lebanese place in east-end Ottawa. The owner would never tell his secret how he got it so silky smooth but swore he used minimal oil.

                Now I'm curious about the Montreal West/CSL place lagatta mentions. I hope someone comes back here with the name. I live near the PA downtown and can check if they carry it once I know what I'm looking for.

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                  > Now I'm curious about the Montreal West/CSL place lagatta mentions. I hope someone comes back here with the name.

                  Patisserie Adar?

                  5458 Westminster Av
                  Cote Saint-Luc, QC H4X 2A5
                  (514) 484-1189

                  Just a guess.

              2. I almost replied to the OP, thinking of a small family business run by Sephardic Jewish people in the West End (think Montréal-West or CSL) But the name isn't Sabra, and I can't remember it. They have very good hummus, though it is also fairly smooth, smoother than what I make at home.

                They make a stellar spicy hummus, very interesting spicing, and no chemical overload. Name was in a Semitic language; not sure if it was Hebrew, Arabic or a Ladino variant on those. Perhaps someone remembers the name of this business? They always have tubs of hummus, baba ghanoush and tahineh at PA and Mondiana.

                They are certified Kosher, if that helps.

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                  I think I know which one you're thinking of. Is the base of the container green (if I recall correctly). Do they make a za'atar one as well? I'm a huge fan of that one.

                2. Think I purchased at Walmart grocery in Laval. Call and ask if they carry it, almost sure purchased this brand there.