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Jun 12, 2013 09:15 AM

Eating near Petco Park

This is a new experience for me. But I have tickets to a game at Petco Park and will be staying a couple of blocks from there. I'm not familiar with that part of town. Will probably not have a rental car-- trying to see if we can do this with a cab or shuttle to and from the airport.

Coming from NorCal to spend the day before a 7:00 game and the morning afterwards. Would love to hear suggestions for lunch and dinner in the area please. TIA!

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  1. Looking at some similar posts it looks like the Blind Burro, JSix and Tin Fish might be places to try. Any food recommendaions for each of those places?

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    1. re: dimsumgirl

      Tin Fish is pretty much a semi fast food fish joint - I don't think anything stands out; just go with what sounds good at the time.

      I'll throw out Neighborhood as a recommendation.

      1. re: dimsumgirl

        Agree with RB Hound on Tin Fish and Neighborhood. Neighborhood features craft beers and interesting dishes to go with them.

        Blind Burro: Probably shouldn't miss the yellowtail collar

        JSix: Sorry, but everything's pretty much equally good.

        Renting a car not recommended if you're staying and dining within blocks of the ballpark. Cab fare each way to and from airport around $15.

        1. re: mcgrath

          Thanks mcgrath for confirming that we can do this without a rental car. Hotel charges $35 per night for parking plus then there's the cost and the hassle of picking up and returning the car. Figured that what we would save would cover the cab fees and we are within walking distance from the ballpark and good eats. Looking forward to our visit in a couple of weeks. Will report back-- thanks all for the replies.

      2. Tin Fish is okay. It is close to the ballpark, but the food is a little uneven.

        J Six is more to the fine dining end, but the food and service are both top notch.

        I have not personally dined at the Blind Burro, but some here have and it seems to be receiving decent reviews.

        I would suggest Salad Style, Cafe Chloe, Cafe Istanbul, and Cafe 222.


          1. And one more! There is a tiny Afghan place on 6th Avenue called Chopahn. Like the Blind Burro, I have not dined there, but the menu looks unique and it is definitely a step away from the usual Gaslamp fodder. The room looks like it's on the lighter end of fine dining.