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Jun 12, 2013 08:58 AM

Best thai Baltimore

Wheres the best thai in Baltimore?

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  1. I don't think there's any Thai restaurant that's solid across the board in Baltimore, but maybe if you ask for specific dishes, someone can help you.

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    1. I think Thai Restaurant is the best. Stang of Siam was pretty good, but the service was so abysmal, I can't imagine going back.

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          Did My Thai relocate? Or is the current one a different, new My Thai? (I thought My Thai was on Charles St.)

          1. re: bmorecupcake

            It's the old My Thai in a new location.

            1. re: Vidute

              I went to My Thai last night, regrettably. It is mall food court quality in every aspect - taste, service, atmosphere.

              1. re: foster

                i'm so sorry that happened. i've been there four times since it re-opened and i've had great service each time. i've enjoyed the shrimp cakes, summer rolls and tom yung goong. also, the pork drunken noodles and the pork ka pow. the mango with sticky rice was tasty.

                the atmosphere/decor is rather bare- kinda steam-punkish, but the open kitchen, for me, makes up for the lack of "warmth" in the surroundings.

        2. Not quite in Baltimore, but Little Spice near BWI tastes more like Thailand than other places locally.

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              The old Little Spice spot had been taken over by a Pakistani buffet restaurant when I stopped by there in August 2012.

          1. Thai Arroy on Light Street has moments of being decent to excellent as does Thai Landing on Charles. Nothing is great in town. Stang has nice atmosphere and food is variable but a bit expensive, though occasionally quite good. Thai on Greenmount is usually OK, but a step below these.