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Substitute in this recipe, please.

I want to make these cheese stuffed bacon wrapped shrimp, but do not like cream cheese. Could I substitute a Brie type cheese? Or a smoked Gouda even though it is not spreadable.

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  1. I'm sure you could use either of those cheeses. I can also see goat cheese working well with this recipe.

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      Thanks everyone

    2. There is a goat cheese on the market right now that is sold as a square slab or whipped like cream cheese. Is that too close to actual cream cheese for you?

      How about mascarpone cheese, not the one sold for desserts, the unsweetened version. Or,fresh mozz mini balls?

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        It already has fresh mozzarella in the recipe, so I was looking for a compliment. Thanks

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          Yes, I saw that and if you like fresh mozz I'd increase the amt and not compete with another cheese actually. The cream cheese is there for moisture and to help bind the 'stuffing' ingredients.

      2. I suppose you could use pepper jack, if it's the mildness of the cream cheese that is offputting to you? Or feta?

        Is it the flavor of the cream cheese that you don't like or the texture?

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          It is the flavor, not a goat cheese lover either. I do not like the tangy taste.

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            Okay got it. I wouldn't recommend a cheese with a lot of its own flavor profile then; spicy or strong. I think cream cheese is chosen for the mild creamy aspect so if you want a secondary cheese I'd stick with something else in that similar vein that will help bind the stuffing ingredients together.

        2. How about ricotta? Drain it of all the liquid in a wire strainer first and then you'll have a nice mild, binding cheese to replace the cream cheese.

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            Great idea too, thanks.