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Jun 12, 2013 07:01 AM

Where can you buy Spanish peanuts in downtown Toronto?

Gotta be spanish. Can't find them anywhere! Suggestions?

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  1. Spanish peanuts aren't from Spain, Mexican peanuts would be a more apropos name. Spanish is just a name for one of the 4 major groups of peanut cultivars. They generally have higher oil content than the other types but are smaller and lower yielding, hence nobody grows them in Ontario, only the Valencia cultivars are commercially produced here.

    Not much help I'm afraid

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      Bytepusher. Are Valencia peanuts from Valencuela, then?

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        I used to be able to get them at my local metro in Montreal, and there used to be a store in Prescott, Ontario that sold them, so I'm sure that they are available somewhere in the city!

        1. Jonvince owns Planters Peanuts. Go to the HDQ Steeprock store But taste anything that you buy there- sometimes almost everything in the way of nuts and the like is stale. Don't be shy.
          Call ahead.

          1. I wonder if Peter's Natural Health Foods at SLM might have them? You could call them to check:


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              Thank you! I plan to scour the market next weekend.


              i know this isnt downtown, but they were planning a vaughan location but the website doesnt list it.