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Jun 12, 2013 06:37 AM

Bakeries With The Best Carrot Cake

I have no time to bake a cake for this upcoming Father's Day. The favorite is carrot cake-is there a bakery/restaurant that makes great carrot cake- I would even do cupcakes at this point.

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  1. I can't vouch for all of their locations, but Keys Cafe in the Foshay makes a great carrot cake. I work across the street and, for better or worse in terms of my nutrition, am over there frequently for a slice of carrot cake.

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      I agree with the Keys recommendation (and if you grab a piece of their rhubarb sour cream cake if it's available you won't regret it).

      I believe essentially the same family owns all locations though different family members take responsibility for different locations. I don't know if their baked goods are done at a central location but I've found them to pretty consistent from location to location though (meanwhile other food and service hasn't been quite as consistent I've found and I highly recommend the Woodbury location based on service and for the same reason avoid downtown St. Paul).

    2. I like the version at Shish, on Grand Ave. From other threads, it seems that people have had mixed luck buying a whole cake out of the case there. The report is that La Patisserie makes Shish's cakes and also sells them from their own location at Randolph & Snelling. Maybe call to confirm?

      For other options, these threads are specifically on carrot cake.

      1. Wuollet has a great carrot cake. I have even gotten the carrot cake cupcakes from there and they have been a big hit.

        1. Me, I love Birchwood's carrot cake, because the ingredients are top-noch and they don't stint on the cream cheese frosting. My mom (aka the Carrot Cake Queen) loves the one at the Malt Shop - but I don't think they sell a whole cake. Key's is pretty good, too. (Mom adores their rhubarb cake, so there you are.)

          Whatever you decide, Happy Father's Day for the dad in your life!

          1. I like the carrot cake cupcake (called Wuz up Doc?) from Sweet Bebe Cakes in South St. Paul