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Jun 12, 2013 05:32 AM

Best vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Canada?

There is a thread here that is very handy for USA restaurants, but let's talk about ones in Canada (where I live now)!

I volunteer Aux Vivres, Le Panthere Verte, and Burritoville in Montreal.


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  1. Depends on the city.

    Toronto: Belmonte Raw, Superfoods Eatery, Hot Beans

    Burlington: Naked Sprout

    Waterloo: Thrive

    Montreal: Aux Vivres

    Ottawa: Cafe My House

    Vancouver: Organic Lives (now closed)

    Calgary: The Coup


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    1. re: blinknoodle

      Well, of course, it depends!

      I love Auntie Loo's in Ottawa as well. Sadly, I have yet to go to Toronto, that beacon of vegan eats in the Great White North, and it makes me sad that I have not. You'd think after four years of permanent residency.....

      1. re: Peaches to Poutine

        Toronto definitely has great vegan eats... although I am constantly impressed by even vegan restos in smaller cities. Thrive in Waterloo is one of my top restos.

        1. re: Peaches to Poutine

          How is Auntie Loo's, Peaches?

          Invitation V on rue Bernard, in Mile End, is a new vegan resto with very good write-ups, rather more elegant than the others cited above. It is also not cheap, but somewhere for a special meal.

          Are we allowed to mention restaurants that aren't vegetarian but that have good and reliable veg options at this subject? Several of our Middle Eastern restos would fit that description. There is also an excellent South Asian restaurant, cheap and byow too, where most but not all dishes are veg, in Côte-des-Neiges. I'll name them if this doesn't offend anyone on the list.

          Wish Aux Vivres sold wine and beer...

          1. re: lagatta

            I love Auntie Loo's. But then she's really a nice lady who makes delicious yummy things so I may be a bit biased (because I like friendly owners).

            I hope to try Invitation V next time I am in town, and I WISH Aux Vivres sold alcohol too!!!

            1. re: Peaches to Poutine

              When my friend Claire Morissette was still alive, she asked the Aux Vivres people (then located right behind her house) the same question. They responded that they didn't want a noisy, boisterous clientele ... but frankly I don't think either the fratboy crowd or the office parties that flock to food-factory byows would be tempted...

              I googled Auntie Loo's, and it seems to be mostly a bakery of desserts. I'm not vegetarian (though I eat a lot of vegetables and vegetarian meals) but I tend to avoid sweets.

              I will mention the excellent vegetarian plate at Le Petit Alep, which has many other Syrian veg treats, but they do serve meat dishes too, so not a place for people who are disgusted by the smell of flesh. Idem Kaza Maza. There might be some meat dishes at Trip de Bouffe (excellent Lebanese takeaway); but most of their production is vegetarian.

              As for Thanjai (South Indian restaurant, mostly vegetarian), the Montreal Vegetarian Meet-up Group ate there, so I suppose it is "kosher", though there are a few meat, poultry and fish dishes. According to their website, they have a "separate kitchen concept" (veg and non-veg). It is very good, not expensive, close to a métro station and you can bring your own wine or beer, if you wish (of course they have other, typically Indian, beverages).

              1. re: lagatta

                I understand not wanting a noisy clientele, but I dunno, it's not like they'd be offering body shots. Some local organic wines and beers on offer is a good idea. Not everyone is out to get loaded when they eat!

      2. Montreal: I'm a big fan of Crudessence, especially their tiramisu. Second Aux Vivres, for casual fare.

        Toronto: Live is a favourite, and I go to Fresh constantly - it gets mixed reviews but you have to know what to order (not the burgers), and it's the best place for unfussy quick veg meals. Hogtown Vegan if you're in the mood for junk food that's packed with processed soy - I head there for the unchicken burger and fries once a year and feel crappy afterward but it's worth it. The raw place in St Lawrence Market is out of my way but was very good the one time I went. Rawlicious for a salad and a smoothie and one of their energy cookies - oh, and their mexican-esque wraps are very good.

        Vancouver: I had an incredible meal at The Parker last month. I had heard mixed reviews but they did bring on a new chef so if you didn't enjoy it the first time, worth checking out again. Good cocktails too. I have eaten at The Acorn and Graze once each and enjoyed it - and they both post gorgeous photos on Facebook constantly. Heirloom comes recommended but I haven't been yet.

        That all said, I'm finding some very good vegetarian food coming out of non-vegetarian kitchens in Toronto these days. Doug McNish did an excellent vegan brunch menu for the Windsor Arms, not sure if they still have it. Lee has tons of veg options. I had a great multi-course meal at Nota Bene, albeit with that uncreative chef's veg dish - mushroom risotto. (Not a bad one.) I ate very well at Canoe not long ago. And I was at Terroni recently and they had a bunch of vegan options, which I wanted to order to support them but ended up getting ricotta gnocchi...