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Jun 12, 2013 12:17 AM

NEW: Elmira Rosticceria - sandwich, coffee shop, breakfast/brunch in SF Tenderloin - any reports?

Any reports on the new Elmira Rosticceria - sandwich, coffee shop w/ breakfast & brunch?

From FB for Wed 6/12/13:
Our specials today: Rotisserie lamb sandwiches, feta cheese and almond gremalata. Or grab a tripe salad.

Elmire Rosticceria
154 McAllister St, SF
Hrs: 7:30am-7pm

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  1. I haven't tried it, but did look at their Facebook page - the food looks and sounds terrific!

    Hasn't anyone tried it yet? Please tell us what you think...

    Lampredotto sandwiches!!! Porchetta sandwiches!!!

    1. Went today and tried the lamb sandwich. Pretty good. the lamb was lamby albeit slightly chewy, the feta wasn't overpowering as initially feared, and loved the gremalata. Served on slightly toasted cabata for $7.50 without sides, however sides were only $1.50 each. Got the roasted Yukon potatoes which were a bit too al dente for my taste and pretty bland. Also got the side salad which was a simple large bowl of mixed greens drizzled with a vinaigrette.

      Place reminded me of Hi Lo, with the price point and interesting menu, and where the food is quality but you order at the counter, take a number on a stand, and the food is delivered to your table. Water, utensils, and napkins are available at a separate counter. I'll be back to try some other things.

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        Thanks CB: I'm hoping someone will report on the tripe sandwich. I'm out of town until the first of next week so I can't do it now but really want to hear about that and the porchetta...

      2. Went last week to try the porchetta sandwich. Very stark space, but neat and clean. Menu offerings vary by day, but I think the tripe and porchetta are staples. Thought a $7.50 sandwich was a pretty good value ($10 being a pretty standard baseline in the city these days, though to be fair, this wasn't quite as large as many sandwiches in the city). Porchetta comes on ciabatta with a salsa verde. The crispy skin is more like pork rinds than the crispy bits on the Roli Roti sandwich. Overall, I thought the meat itself could use some more salt, but the sandwich certainly went down with ease. Had a side of the roasted potatoes (which sit under the pork, soaking up the juices) and they were still remarkably crisp and were themselves seasoned well. Small cup of giardiniera (cuke, carrot, cauliflower) accompanied the sandwich, and was a welcome, acidic bite to complement the richness of the fatty pork. I will come back for sure. I really like what this place is doing.

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          Tks Spenbald - appreciate hearing from you about the Porchetta, potatoes and giardiniera. Hope I can give it a try next week...

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            The design of the space delights me...

          2. I am singing the praises of Breakfast Sandwich with Speck.
            new addition to Menu: cold tripe salad
            Must Try: Root Beer Float with Humphry Slocombe Fernet-Branca sorbet

            1. Went back for the porchetta sandwich yesterday. Very disappionted as it was pretty dry with the toasted cabbatta bread. Adding some of the fried kale side helped a bit with the moisture but then turned the sandwich into a salt bomb.

              The side of house made kettle chips were cooked well.

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              1. re: Civil Bear

                Gave the porchetta sammy another try today and it was fantastic. This time with fatty & moist Birkshire pork topped with cracklin's and salsa verde. Sorry I had to split it with my DC (I actually ordered the steak & chimichuri)!