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Jun 11, 2013 07:59 PM

Where can I buy Green tea ice cream?

I've been tasked to find it and don't know which stores in the metro have it. Anbody seen the stuff?

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  1. Not 100% sure but I think I've seen it at United Noodle.

    1. Haagen Dazs makes it. Go to their website. They have a flavor finder which can help direct you.

      1. If you're near St. Paul, I'd try the bigger Asian supermarkets like Shuang Hur and Dragon Star. I'm positive I've seen this at DS but I don't shop for ice cream often, so YMMV.

        1. I've had Sonny's green tea ice cream a while back. I don't know if it's only served at Crema or if it's sold in stores. Nor do I know if it's a "standard" flavor at Crema that they always have. I'd call ahead to find out.

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            I see the Sonny's green tea regularly at the local co-ops. queue4ever might try calling the closest one to see if they have any in stock.

          2. Kowalski's and Lund's often have the Haagen-Dazs stuff. I think Lund's always does, actually.

            Izzy's sometimes has Green Tea, too - you can always put a flavor alert on it on their website, so they'll email you when they make the next batch, or call and make a request if you really need it - they might accommodate you.

            In addition, some Thai and Japanese restaurants have it on the menu - though I'm blanking on who does in the Cities right now. Try calling them and seeing if they'll sell you some.