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Jun 11, 2013 07:50 PM

Breakfast in Dale City or Quantico?

Can anyone recommend a good Saturday breakfast spot near the I-95 corridor in Virginia? I live in McLean and am meeting a friend from Fredericksburg, so we hoped to meet in the middle, maybe around Quantico or Dale City. If possible, I'd love a spot that isn't a diner chain and the fresher the food the better.

Thanks for all the ideas!

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  1. While a chain, Silver Diner has positioned itself as a fresh, locally-sourced eatery, so if you're looking for fresh, that's probably your best bet. As for me, I'm inclined more towards Waffle House. The spot I go most often is Astoria Pizza in Woodbridge off Route 1. Not a fancy brunch-ey locavore place. Just a solid basic breakfast.

    1. We like Harold and Cathy's Dumphries Cafe. It is SOOOO old school! Everything is freshly made to order, the coffee is good and it is an incredible value.