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Jun 11, 2013 07:43 PM

Dining with 1 Year Old

My husband and I will be in town for 3 days next week. Our 1 year old will be with us and I'm looking for lunch and dinner suggestions that would please all of us. We are open to anything, but are especially interested in seafood, Chinese, and Italian. I'd like to keep it within a 30 min. walk from Granary Burying Ground near where we are staying, but would hop on the T for something spectacular.

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  1. Is your 1 year old mobile? It gets to be very hard to eat out around that age.. especially if they refuse to be confined to the carrier or high chair.

    Maybe Legal Harborside - take the Red Line to South Station, then the Silver line over to the Seaport District. Island Creek Oyster Bar is also good. I think an infant in Neptune Oyster in the North End would be tough. You are also close to Bistro Du Midi, which I've enjoyed..

    1. You are within walking distance of lots of options depending on how formal/informal you want to be re: dinner. Chinatown is 1/4 mile or so away with a full range of good choices: Winsor, Xinh Xinh for Vietnamese, Great Dumpling House, etc. Sultan's Kitchen is Turkish, Silvertone is a good bistro, Charles street has multiple choices including ice cream shops and coffee houses. Upscale and near are everything from Via Matta, Marliave, Toscano, Number 9 Park. Some of these are not places I would bring a mobile one year old to visit, but you know your child and his or her capacity for sitting still. I believe there is now a sandwich shop in Boston Commons but I haven't tried it so I don't know whether it's worthwhile.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations so far! He's just 12 months old (not walking yet) and is still happy to be in a high chair for 45 minutes or so. He goes out to eat at home at least once a week, so he's accustomed to that routine. However, we would need any prospective eateries to either have high chairs or be a stand up place where he can be in the carrier (he refuses to stay in the carrier if we are sitting down).

        1. Gourmet Dumpling House and Dumpling Cafe are both very good in Chinatown, but can be busy and close quarters. I wouldn't recommend any hot pot or shabu shabu with an infant nearby.

          1. A few ideas from the dad of a fellow 1 year old:
            You'll be a short and lovely walk through the Common from Four Burgers on Boylston St. This is a mini-Boston/Cambridge chain with delicious salmon, beef, turkey, and veggie burgers. Very kid-friendly with high chairs and plenty of seating, and a kids' menu that gives a great deal on the same stuff the grownups get. My son loved the house-made veggie burger and a few nibbles of the sweet potato fries as a treat. Easy to get in and out in 45 minutes. You order at the counter and they bring you the food, which is my favorite style for dining out with the little guy.

            I'd echo Xinh Xinh as my favorite in Chinatown.

            Other great options with a longer walk or the T at least one-way:
            Flour Bakery right next door to the Children's Museum (probably a 25-30 minute walk, or 2 stops on the Red Line from Park St to South Station and a 10 minute walk.
            Kendall Square has a bunch of great restaurants (see other threads, ranging from food trucks to Za to more upscale like Area Four or Legal Seafoods - though there are other Legal locations closer to you) that tend to be more spacious than downtown and thus easier to manage with a baby. The Red Line goes right there, or you could do a long (30-40 minute) but beautiful walk from where you're staying over the Longfellow Bridge.

            For Italian, you're walkable from the North End, or a quick few stops on the Green Line. I don't have a good take on which places there are more baby friendly, but I'd say of the ones I went to pre-baby Antico Forno is a good potential choice -- relatively quick service and less jammed than some others. Ernesto's or Regina Pizza would be a great lunch option.

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              The Flour next to the Hancock bldg might be closer. Lots of strollers there.

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                True - plus a funky new playground right across the street, and the walk there would go through the Common and the Public Garden (or take the T 2 stop to Arlington). The one next to the Children's Museum would obviously make sense if the OP wants to go to the museum, though.