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Jun 11, 2013 06:54 PM

2 back to back important dinners

I am looking for a good ladies dinner location for about 8/9 women. We all live in the city and looking for something not too loud. We've done Taxim, Guilt Bar, Publican, Old Town Social,Girl &the Goat and Mercadito. Now that I think about it all those places are loud. Don't want to impress just want to have a nice time with nice drinks and food.
The following evening is our 10th anniversary and my husband is struggling. By no means does it need to be super high end, again just looking for a nice (romantic is a plus) place for dinner and drinks.

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  1. For your ladies dinner, I recommend one of our best places specializing in "small plates": Sable, GT Fish & Oyster, Mercat a la Planxa, Perennial Virant, or Province. All of these offer excellent food, and while they have a festive atmosphere, they're not as loud as the places you mention. All are around downtown Chicago, except Perennial Virant, which is in Lincoln Park.

    For your anniversary dinner, I recommend either Anteprima or Deleece. Both are classy, upscale, romantic, neighborhood-ey places with terrific food, but still rather casual and very reasonably priced. Anteprima is in Andersonville and has Italian cuisine, and they have a great prix fixe bargain Sundays through Thursdays, with any three courses for $29 (even better, Sunday lunch they do the same thing for $19). Deleece is in Lakeview and offers contemporary American cuisine.

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      Has Deleece changed their menu/food in the past several years? We used to live right over by their old space on Irving and I wasn't that impressed by their food. My husband and I have done Sable, didn't really think about it as a place for my ladies/mom's dinner but it's solid and will check it out.
      Anyone been to StoreFront or Grass Fed over in Bucktown? Thoughts?

      1. re: Francis

        >> Has Deleece changed their menu/food in the past several years?

        Yes. They got a new chef last year, Ernesto Lapaia. And as much as I thought the food was excellent under his predecessor, it's even better now. The menu changes from time to time, but it's always really, really terrific. Check it out at

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          I was at Deleece a few months ago based on recommendations here. It was fine. Not outstanding. I don't even remember what we ate.

          GrassFed is charming and serves a very small, basic menu of steak and hamburger. We live nearby, went on a Groupon, and probably won't return.

          Have not yet been to StoreFront, but it's high on the list.

          Other places you might enjoy in the neighborhood are The Bristol, Hot Chocolate (we've had bridal showers there) Trenchermen (a bit more expensive) or Cafe Absenthe. Antico is also very authentic Italian, but entree portions are huge. We share.

      2. I see that someone has already recommended Anteprima. I've been there twice recently and have had nothing but delicious food. I particularly enjoyed the grilled calamari appetizer and the peppered tuna steak. A great goat cheese boudin for dessert.