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Jun 11, 2013 06:42 PM

Is a reputable retailer for cookware?

I've never purchased anything there....

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  1. I haven't purchased cookware from them, but I have purchased a bakers rack, my kitchen island and stools there.

    The bakers rack and stools arrived quickly with no issue.

    The island being a 300lb item went halfway across country before it came back here and was delivered.
    It took over a month for it to arrive. I expected it within 4 weeks but it took almost 6 due to an odd route.

    Customer service was good.

    Considering cookware is a smaller item, I wouldn't expect the shipping delay I had with the island.

    1. I have purchased all of my cookware from them recently. I am particularly a fan of All-Clad and they had everything I needed. I ordered a bunch of stuff over the course of last year and everything came pretty fast within a couple of days. No issues. Check out their clearance stuff. Sometimes you can find stuff for a steal.