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Jun 11, 2013 06:35 PM

Mark McKewan should be ashamed - truly, awful, disgusting take out!

I've eaten in some bad dives all over the world but have NEVER had anything as disgusting or purely revolting as the Saag Lamb on offer tonight from the take out hot counter at McKewan's in Don Mills.
Saag suggests spinach - none was detected.
Lamb suggests lamb - the smell alone suggested goat, and very OLD goat judging from the texture.
And with Lamb Saag - you expect a phenomenal layering of wonderful Indian spices - but not happening in the McKewan way - not a single spice could be detected.
On to the meat - each chunk yielded up new horrors - first bite was all wobbly fat, next up was tough sinew and gristle, next came all silverskin.
All of it had to be ejected. First from my mouth, and subsequently into my green bin.
I'm not sure I'll ever get that greasy goat fat film out of my mouth!
The McKewan "return policy" is highly exclusionary, (the ts&Cs are printed boldly on the bottom of your receipt), so I can't (although I really wish I could) go and throw up that goat stew all over Mark's sterile cheese counter!
$14 down the tubes.

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  1. Wow!!! This is definitely something one doesn't hear very often!! $14 for bland tasting goat fat!!
    Surely, the manager of the prepared food section should taste the product first before allowing it on sale??
    Have you tried writing to them??!!
    { BTW, its McEwan, just in case you decide to send them a complain letter?! }

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Isn't is "McScrewuover"?
      And yes, I do intend to send a letter. I think his hands have been off that operation for a LONG time, and if you take a look around that store, the staff don't seem too happy. And why would anyone pay the McEwan price for the exact same grocery item as can be had at the next door Metro supermarket for quarter the price? Are there really that many lazy rich consumers living nearby? I just hope that all that un-purchased McEwan produce goes to Second Harvest.
      My excuse for buying that dodgy curry was an insane work life, zero food in my kitchen, and McScrewy was on my way home! Ended up dining on Carrs water biscuits and Cheddar, and an organic apple - honourable and satisfying ingredients!

    2. If you're ever looking for take-out from The Shops at Don Mills in the future, I recommend the take-out from Linda Modern Thai.

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      1. re: prima

        Which dish from Linda's would you recommend? I ate there once when they first opened, I ordered Pad Thai because I heard that theirs was fairly authentic, but I ended up gagging on the grease and the ketchup.

        1. re: KitchenVoodoo

          I like Thai Islamic Noodles, Beef Panang, Mieng Kum, green mango salad, the monthly prix fixe and all the soups I've tried. Their green curries are also fine. I find the golden curries too sweet for my palate. Most of the dishes I've mentioned are options on their Summerlicious menu:

          Here are some other suggestions for what to order at Linda from other Chowhounds:
          and a 2013 thread on Linda: