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Jun 11, 2013 06:20 PM

1 night in town, Barbuzzo or Zahav as a solo diner?

I'll be visiting for a quick business trip and would love to try one of these two while I'm there. They both look amazing, so which do you guys suggest as a solo diner? I'll probably just sit at the bar but wondering if Zahav is much of a sharing plates kinda joint. Thanks!

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  1. Zahav by a mile. Do the Ta'Yim tasting menu.

    1. Granted you won't be order the lamb shoulder that feeds 6-8, the small plates at zahav plus the grilled items would give you a nice sampling. The food there is pretty special...not what you'd easily make/find at home. I'd pick Zahav. Fried cauliflower and halloumi are amazing. Plus the laffa bread with tehina hummus. Yum.

      1. Both great choices, both easy to eat at the bar as a solo (though you still probably want a reservation), both small plates so you can sample a few things. The Tayim tasting at Zahav probably gives a wider range of items than you could get as a solo at Barbuzzo, but I'd say just see which menu appeals to you more and go with that.

        1. Zahav… get the tasting menu and go for happy hour: half priced hummus!

          1. Thanks y'all. Sitting at zahav right now, just ordered the tasting menu! Let the gluttony begin!

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                I guess she popped from all of the food?

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                  May be still there trying to finish ; )