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Jun 11, 2013 05:28 PM

Taste of Cambridge

Has anyone gone to this event? When we walked by it last year people seemed to be enjoying it. Bf and I are thinking about attending this year, but I would like to know if anyone has experienced it before spending the money. Thanks

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  1. I have been in years past. It's great - lots of delicious food. Note that it has been pushed to June 18 - owing to a prediction of rain this Thursday. They've also changed the location from Technology Square to University Park - Sculpture Gardens. Nice venue.

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    1. re: Small Plates

      Thanks. I saw on Facebook that they changed the date, that's what made me think about going this year. Looking at the list of participating restaurants there are a lot that I haven't been to yet.

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        This is almost like Boston Bites Back! Very exciting!

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          What is this event typically like crowd-wise? So crowded you can't move with really long lines, not too bad, or someplace in-between? Is getting there right when it opens best, or would going late work?

        2. Once again cancelled due to weather.

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            Cancelled, or postponed? The website still says it's today.

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              Hopefully just postponed. About an hour ago the City of Cambridge posted on Facebook that it was cancelled for tonight with no scheduled make up date (at the time of their post). And they mentioned that the website doesn't reflect this cancellation.

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                  Yay! Thanks for the update... maybe I can actually go this time!