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Jun 11, 2013 04:53 PM


I Like Tofu. NO wait...I may actually loooove/crave the stuff.

After posting about baked tofu on a recent thread I realized "It doesn't even have to be baked/seasoned for me" I can just eat that darned stuff. Once it has been baked, I can eat the chewy goodness out of the pan. NO recipe really required-- that request was for my SO.

When I bake tofu, I actually skim slices "raw" (if you will) into my mouth. Sort of like some may do with cookie dough?

Anyone else? Or am I possibly protein-deficient and may need to talk to my internist?

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  1. I like tofu. If nice and fresh I'll dip it in soy sauce and then eat it.

    1. I totally get it.. it seem so rich

      1. if you ever come to the los angeles area:
        1) go to the Happy Family restaurant on Atlantic in Monterey Park and get their chopped mustard greens made with tofu sheets

        2) go the san fernando valley and go to Vinh Loi Tofu. they make their own tofu and their own soymilk there and serve meals based on tofu and on faux meats.

        1. I eat it raw. I eat it cooked. I eat it sweet. I eat it savory. My family thinks I am nuts (I ordered a case of it in bulk one time when my local grocery store ran out). But yeah, I'm totally with you (probably 'worse' than you, if it makes you feel more normal, lol). I go through quite a lot of it.

          1. I want to like it but I can't seem to get into it. I did try a bite of the Whole Foods Tofu General Tso's last week which was good but that could have been the sauce. I'd love to hear how people prefer to make it.