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May 21, 2003 01:43 PM

Austin BBQ or Steakhouse

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I am looking to buy a friend, a grad student at the University of Texas at Austin, a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant. I thought I would get him a certificate for a steakhouse or a barbecue place. Someone here suggested Stubbs to me, but I called there and they will not take payment over the phone. Another person suggested Jeffrey's, but I think that may be a little gourmet for him, judging from the Jeffrey's menu here (he likes good food but is not really adventurous). Ideally, the $50 would cover two people.

Do you have any suggestions? I have no idea where to start since I am in DC. Thanks so much!

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  1. This is possibly the best BBQ place in the state. (Lockhart is located about 20 minutes southeast of Austin). Give them a call and I'm sure they'll mail out a gift certificate and fifty bucks will buy enough grub (and beers) for your friend and about four or five of his/her buddies...


    1. Sullivan's is nice and he'd like it.

      It's a little more costly than some, but if you tried really hard, you get two people out of there for $50.

      But what would probably happen is grad student and friend would add something to it. Even if they add $10-20 bucks, that would make it affordable for them to eat somewhere nice like Sullivan's, which they probably couldn't afford otherwise.

      Although Howard's suggestion about Black's is a really good idea. Your friend could treat a lot of his friends for $50 at Black's - and it's my favorite 'cue joint, too.

      PS - Be glad the "Stubb's" thing didn't work out.

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        Sullivan's serves choice, not prime. At their prices, that bugs me. I'd go with Fleming's for a steakhouse or Shoreline Grill, where the bone in tenderloin is sensational. He could go to Shoreline at lunch with a friend, have the incredible prime rib enchiladas and get out with appetizers and dessert for around $50.

        1. re: Greg Spence

          Okay, I'm switching my recommendations immediately.

          I'd go with Fleming's or Shoreline Grill....

          Obviously, I have no courage of my convictions. :)

          1. re: ChrissieH

            You gotta try those enchiladas.

            1. re: Greg Spence

              I REALLY like the idea of Shoreline for something nice.

              However, it's so much fun to take a group out and BYOB to the Salt Lick. That's another idea, too!

              1. re: kno

                The only problem with the Salt Lick is that their 'Q is simply not up to the central Texas standard.

      2. Try Ray's Steakhouse. You get a good "bang for the buck" and a nice steak.

        For something close, you can look at SaltLick 360. Not in the same class as those in Lockhart, but you get decent Q without the commute.

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        1. re: Logger

          Decent barbecue at the Salt Lick? Not hardly. Mr. Spence was being waaaay too kind when he stated that "their 'Q is simply not up to the central Texas standard." The place is strictly for tourists who know nothing about barbecue.

          1. re: Mesquite

            Thank you, Mesquite but let's also not forget that Ray Lemay's steakhouse is all about quantity, not quality. I'd rather have a gift certificate to IHOP.