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Jun 11, 2013 04:12 PM

Per Se Gift Experience Card

Has anyone used this card?

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  1. Just used a silver experience card. It covers a meal for two and a complimentary glass of champagne. However, it doesn't cover any supplemental dishes.

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    1. re: ClosetFatty

      What makes the silver experience card $800 if the price for two would be $590 without supplemental dishes and no gift card? Just the champagne?? Taxes too, I guess.

      1. re: Sanjuro

        Hm, but even after tax, it should only be about $650, right? I guess that leaves the champagne, but I doubt they're pouring Krug!

        1. re: Sanjuro

          Yeah, it's mostly for the Champagne. If it's for the right person, I'd rather just go dining at Per Se with that person instead of getting them the gift card.

      2. My only wish was that they gave more consideration for reservations. Or at least it was the same not-that-easy reservation process when I used the silver card.

        Otherwise, it was pretty nice, and makes splurging on supplements easier.